Backpacks for Kids

In today’s post I’ll show five school bags, which were part of a single order, all different models, which were intended for 5 children of the same family, who have received these days. First you teach backpack for Irene, model ro-ro skater, who had already done once before:


The next thing I bring is for Miguel, a child who likes the subject car, so the model chosen in this case has been Lightning McQueen:

For Mario , who likes motorcycles, I was asked to be decorated the backpack with a rider on his bike, and if possible, to carry the colors of Repsol. So here is my version:

And the two remaining bags have been completely new models. The first one has been done for Mary, a girl who loves to dance and attends classes of hip hop . So I tried to do a version of Ro-rothat resembled her, making one of his dances. And this has been the result:

And since the latter has been for Carlos, a boy who loves soccer and plays as a goalkeeper. So I created for the occasion version Dewito goalkeeper, in uniform as possible trying to look like that he has.

For if you have not been seen in the photos above, the ball is actually a brooch , which allows to place it at the point you like backpack, even to go changing it and to make it an interactive backpack. Here I leave a photo sequence where you can appreciate the idea:

What you have like? To me it has made ​​me very excited to know that this Christmas all these cousins ​​have received a gift made ​​with love in the world by her aunt, who thought of the tastes of each one of them to have a fully personalized gift. And as I like both group shots , I could not fire without sharing all backpacks together, both open and closed 😉


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