Body Chains Jewelry

That jewelry especially in summer super well received, is certainly no longer a secret. Just recently you has Alessa tells something about.

Who rings, necklaces and bracelets may not have enough for we have a very special tip: More and more one sees unusual jewelry and not in moderation, but in masses!

Body chains are a big hit. Not only stars like Rihanna celebrate the pretty trinkets, even bloggers can not get enough of it. After I am looking now for some time for a decent part that one must not only bear under the bikini, but also on the clothes, I am of course extremely that body chains learn more and more popularity. So you can find the chains no longer hidden in the Internet, but now also in some stores.

The range of thick clunkers enough to fine, girly parts. should wear to the body chain in my opinion best to something a slick, monochromatic. However, it should be clear if you can experiment with jewelry, then probably at the time.

So have fun with jewelry shopping!

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