3135 And Co .: The Top 10 Rolex Works

For many, the ropes of Rolex are unmatched in their running behavior. Unprecedented are the extreme robustness and high gait accuracy, which can not be lost without revision even over long periods of time. The characteristic feature of the 3135 caliber family is the rotor stored in synthetic rubies. While many other manufacturers use ball bearings, there are no moving parts in the Rolex, which keeps wear phenomena very low over a long period of time. It is perhaps just one of many characteristics. At the same time, however, it is also a symbol for the approach of the industry, where aesthetics and innovation do not serve any purpose, but are consistently oriented towards the fulfillment of Rolex’s famous works. This is a small listing of the most important automatic calibers of Rolex of the last years and decades – a success story, which originates in the caliber 3135.

1. Rolex 3135 – The Genuine Automatic Caliber

At Rolex, no developments are pursued which, with a little distance, might seem superfluous. Rather, the success of an innovation is built on a whole range of sports calibers, which is subject to comparatively minor modifications over many decades. Not only that the 3135 is considered by many to be the best automatic caliber ever built. Also, it has been the origin design for most of the current Rolex plants in its design and its ruby-bearing swivel body for nearly three decades. If you make a list of the most important calibers from the Rolex wristwatches, then you must inevitably open them with the already mentioned 3135 automatic movement. It can not be described as a simple work with its full 31 storage pots. Nevertheless, it is a reliable machine that runs and runs and runs. The ancestor of the 31-year-old tree has a date display with quick-action switch positioned at 3 o’clock.

Installed among others in: Submariner Date , Datejust , Sea-Dweller  Yacht Master

2. Rolex 3130 – The stripped down 3135 without date module

The caliber 3130 is a movement identical to the 3135, but without a date mechanism. In the 31er caliber series was recorded the 3130 only in the year 2001 and thus whole 13 years after the big brother with date. Also this pizza-Margerita version of the 3XXX-Werke application finds in the datumlos models Air King and Explorer I.

Installed in: Submariner No Date, Air King,  Explorer I

3. Rolex 3136 – The larger 3135

This is a variation of the 3,100-millimeter factory family which has grown by two and a half millimeters against the caliber 3135. The caliber is to be found in the Rolex Datejust with a housing diameter of 41 millimeters. While other manufacturers would simply pack the same caliber into a new case and reduce the caliber placeholder in relation to the case, Rolex introduced a new caliber with the 3136, which in its size is up to the current wearing habits of watches beyond the 40 millimeters Brand has been adapted.

Installed in:  Datejust II

4. Rolex 3155 – The New Presidential Caliber

The 3155 was the successor of the 3055 for almost three decades the clockwork of the Day-Date with its famous published weekday indication at 12 o’clock. In the execution in yellow gold and with presidential bracelet, the Day-Date has become a myth of countless US presidents. The 3155 was used as a clock for the Day-Date from 1988 and was thus launched in the same year as the 3135 base station.

Built in:  Rolex Day-Date

5. Caliber 3156 – The improved 3155

The caliber 3156 is a revised version of the 3155, which, like its predecessor, has a weekday display. Compared to the 3155, the 3156 was supplemented with the in-house developed Paraflex anticock system as well as the parachrome spiral spring. This new system is characterized by a higher resistance to magnetic fields and less sensitivity to shocks. This is compared to the 3155 slightly larger 3156 in the Rolex Day-Date II with a housing diameter of 41 mm.

Built in: Rolex Day-Date II

6. Rolex 3085/3185/3186 – The time zone caliber of Rolex

This is a caliber based on the 3135, which was supplemented by a GMT module and is therefore also half a millimeter higher in its design. The module allows the display of a second time zone by means of an additional hour hand, which takes 24 hours to circumvent the dial and thus progresses half as fast as the actual hour hand. The hour of the second time zone is read off via the 24-hour bezel. The origin of this Kalibergattung with second time zone is the caliber 3085, which was the first caliber at its introduction in the year 1985, in which the GMT hand could be adjusted over the crown independently of the current time and in the first GMT-Master II ” Fat Lady “was used.

Built in: GMT Master II  Explorer II

7. Rolex 4130 – The chronograph caliber of Rolex

When the 4130 was introduced in the year 2000, it was the last caliber to replace a caliber delivered in the Rolex range (in this case Zenith El Primero). Since this time, Rolex is a pure manufactory, which means that since the launch of the 4130, all the works built in Rolex watches have been manufactured by themselves. The Rolex chronograph movement is 2 millimeters larger than the 3135, and its height of 6.5 millimeters makes it even slimmer than the ETA / Valjoux 7750, which is equivalent to 28,800 A / h, Which allows for an exact stop time up to the eighth second.

Built in:  Rolex Daytona

8. Rolex 3131/3132: The successor model of the 3130

The 3131 and 3132 are each a Paraflex and Parachrom supplemented version of the 3130. Unlike the Milgauss caliber 3131, the 3132 with its smaller dimensions is used in watches with housing sizes of less than 40 mm. In addition to the Rolex Explorer I, the automatic version of the Rolex Cellini also features a watch that belongs to the elegant Rolex line. The calibers 3165 and 3180, by the way, are modifications of the 3132 with a small second at 3 or 6 o’clock.

Installed in: Rolex Milgauss, Explorer I Cellini

9. Rolex 2235 – The ladies watch caliber from the 3135 family

Although the 2235 may have important characteristics of the 3135 (like the ruby-bearing flywheel mass), one can hardly speak of a caliber based on the 3135. After all, this is exactly eight millimeters smaller, which means that the mechanical design is compared to the 3135 with different output parameters. The 2235 has been produced since 1999 and manages to be almost as robust and accurate as its big brother 3135, despite the much smaller housing dimensions. This is indeed remarkable and astonishing, the caliber with a size of just over 20 millimeters belongs to the smallest potash plant , Which is usually uniform with correspondingly high gait tolerance values.

Installed in: Rolex Lady Datejust,  Rolex Lady Yacht Master

10. Rolex 3255 – The new development with a longer gear reserve

In the year 2015, Rolex presented the 3255 with a caliber of the new generation, in which 90% of the components used were completely renewed from scratch. This can be interpreted as a possible caesura in Rolex’s work so that the 3255 might be a test runner for a completely revised automatic caliber program. The factory convinces with a clearly extended reserve of 70 hours (for comparison: the reserve of the previous works is almost 50 hours). This is made possible by the interaction of the new Chronergy escapement, lubricating oils optimized in their sliding properties and a stronger maximum clamping force through the use of a larger spiral in a reduced-size spring house. At the same time  , Rolex uses a twice as precise time indication as necessary to meet the COSC standard (even if many Rolex carriers have already observed a slight change in the speed of hardly more than 2 seconds per day). The 3255 is installed in the latest day-date generation with a housing diameter of 40 millimeters. It is possible, however, that this is the initial ignition for a completely renewed Rolex caliber series for automatic three-wheelers.

Built in: Rolex Day-Date 40