6 Mini Kits of Make-Up to Take Anywhere

6 Mini Kits of Make-Up to Take Anywhere

If she spends the day outside the home but do not want to neglect your makeup, check out these mini kits to take with you wherever you go.

6 Mini Kits of Make-Up to Take Anywhere

We know that, every morning, before leaving home, he dedicates some of their time to take care of your makeup in the hope that it remains flawless throughout the day. But it never happens, true?

Throughout your day make-up is disappearing or losing any intensity.

If you are one of those people that after a day of work has a social life quite active and do not have time to return the house to touch up the makeup (or want to load the case full in the suitcase), follow our board.

Let’s help her gather the essentials with these mini kits of make-up with products that easily fit in a small compact case.

See just some of the minikits essential that we found for you.

  1. Couture Palette Collection Collector Scandalof the YSL – A quintet of shadows of eyes that allows you to create various combinations of colors.
  2. Meteorites Compactfrom Guerlain – A compact powder, with which you can correct the brightness and add a touch of color to the apples of your cheeks.
  3. Color Riche La Palettefrom L’oreal Paris – Ideal to retouch your lipstick on the go. For the most creative, dare to mix the colors to get the color ideal.
  4. Color Correct Concealer Palettefrom Kiko – THE ABC to camouflage imperfections: light beige for blemishes, light purple to give light, dark beige for dark circles and green for redness, simple!
  5. New Dimension Shape + Sculptof Estée Lauder – A great ally in the art of contourning, use the darker shade to create depth and lighter to give light and volume.
  6. Sourcils Pro Perfect Eyes & Brows Kitfrom Clarins – A kit to draw perfect eyebrows in three steps: hair removal, shading and fixing.