8 Types Of Lingerie To Let Your Loved One Fall To Your Feet

The lingerie is a very important detail because it values ​​the female body even more and catches the attention of any man. Knowing this women have been investing a lot in this detail and what is not lacking in the market are beautiful options.

These options come to let anyone in doubt, after all there are many different models and variations. Surely every bride will find a suitable lingerie in this special occasion for plus size ladies from PLUS-SIZE-TIPS.COM.

Next, you will check out 8 types of lingerie to let your loved one fall at your feet, you will be enchanted by the beautiful and sensual models that will make this moment even better. It’s worth investing in this detail because it really makes a difference.

Traditional Lingerie

Bra up and panties down. It’s simple, but it’s still a beautiful combination. Today there are numerous variations, you can invest in different prints, colors and even income, there is no shortage of different options for you to raze.

Bra And Miniskirt Set

Beautiful combination, because the miniskirt makes the woman even more sensual. The colors are always at the discretion of the woman, the same must be chosen in a way that stands out in the body.


A very traditional model that has always been successful. Just like the sets the bodices also have numerous variations which allows you to have several options to choose which to use. Colors do not lack. See below that we can still wear a garter belt and pantyhose.

Set With Sweater

A transparent sweater makes the look more sensual and more delicate at the same time. A great choice for varying lingerie.


It is different from the bodice because it values ​​the upper part, especially the waist and bust, tightening the body well.

Little Dress

Very high, they are very sensual pieces that lend an air of mystery to the lingerie. Surely a good choice for you to wear that has many varieties of colors. Some pieces also have income which makes them even more beautiful.

A beautiful and comfortable model. As it has many variations you can use pieces of the most varied types. The ruffles are usually present more in the panties, but some sets also wear the ruffled bra.

Always look for different parts and models that you have not used. This model below is very interesting, it resembles the bodice, but does not have the top, only the bottom with the garters. A very sensual model that will value the curves of the body.