9 Led Aluminum Flashlight White Light-Tramontina

Product details: Tramontina: 9 Led Aluminum Flashlight white light-Tramontina

9 Led Aluminum Flashlight Tramontina

Tramontina puts the 9 Led Flashlight in anodized aluminum prevents scratches and oxidation generating a greater resistance and service life.The inner rings are rubber as well as the power button. Ideal for internal and external use as: fishing, camping, boating, and other pavilions.

General Characteristics:

? Anodized aluminum body that prevents scratches and oxidations.

? Inner rings and power button rubber.

? Polycarbonate lens.

? Grooved handle for added grip.

? Resistant to water, oil and the impacts.

? Ideal for internal and external use: fishing, camping, boating, etc.

? Batteries not included

? Equipped with LED bulbs that emit white light of high quality.

? The tools are produced and tested in accordance with specific rules.

Usage guidelines:

? Use goggles, gloves and other protective equipment according to the task to be performed.

? If the lamp is not in use, remove the batteries or the battery to avoid damage in the event of leaks.

? Do not use the lantern in explosive environment.

? For cleaning, use damp cloth and non-abrasive.

? Store in a clean, dry place.