95% of 4G Coverage in Europe and Own Bank in France and Spain, Orange Future Objectives

Until this year, Orange had a document that reflected its objectives, the conquest 2015 Plan. One of those goals was become the second operator by number of mobile lines in Spain, objective achieved according to their numbers, provided that those of ONO, not to join Vodafone lines effect that may counteract if they add mobile lines of Jazztel.

But now it is turn to set targets for the next five years, in addition to maintaining that position. And so the Orange group has presented the Essentials 2020 plan. In the collected challenges how to reach 95% 4G coverage in Europe, triple the speed of its fixed and mobile networks, to prepare the arrival of the 5G or expanding services like WiFi calling and the landing of your own bank in France and Spain.

Orange wants to continue to grow in a market, telecommunications, which despite the emergence of new actors in recent years now seems aimed to reduce the number of players, as it is already happening in Spain. To do this, the French group announced the investment of more than 15,000 million euros between 2015 and 2018 with different objectives.

The objective in Spain is to reach 10 million FTTH homes by 2016

The first of these is to triple the speed of both your network fixed and mobile within that period, as well as achieve 95% coverage of 4G in Europe. So you intend to continue investments in fiber in different countries, reaching 22 million households connected to France by 2018 or 10 million Spanish households by the end of 2016.

To improve the experience of customers Orange also plans to launch the WiFi calling for 2015 in France. With a compatible handset this function allows make voice calls via WiFi use transparently to the user, in what will be a big step for areas with poor mobile coverage. In addition the operator also will pursue a plan specific ending calls that are cut in urban environments or transport networks.

Spain will reach the Bank of Orange

Finally Orange also wants to continue entering the banking sector completely. In addition to continue working in its mobile payment service, Orange Cash operator also wants to expand the frontiers of their competition for banks, Orange Finanse. In Poland they already offer a service very similar to that offered by banks, with bank accounts, loans, deposits… service before 2018 come to France and Spain.

In summary, there are many challenges that the French operator is putting these next five years. But Spain-centric first thing will be to see how ends his attempted purchase of Jazztel. After this possible purchase Orange would have to continue with their investments both in fixed networks as mobile If you want to continue dealing with Vodafone, its most direct competitor. Another thing is the experiment of entering in the banking market, which can contribute to its broad base of existing customers.