Accommodation Room: Decorating Little Speed

The living room is the heart of our home, is not it? It does not matter if you live in a mansion or in a kitnet, room is like the heart of a mother: it always fits one more!

That is why one of the most important rooms in your home needs to be as cozy as possible. Just as in the kitchen you can not miss the rank for friends, the room can not miss an  incredible decoration.

You may say, “but I have no money,” and so we respond: we have the solution. Your home will now become the HQ of all roles; The meeting point.

To transform some things you need to know where to start. Choose what you want to change! In this case, we have already chosen for you: wall stickers! Great-as always.

It is necessary to know that the stickers in the decoration bring so many  advantages that can not even list. The main ones refer to the  price-which is WELL handy; To  practicality-does not make dirt to install; And the  ease of installation-we’ve tired of saying around here that if you have will power, you can even apply those little ones yourself.

Solved, let’s put stickers! Faced with this wise decision, we establish other points that must be observed:

Wall: loves, it is not because you will stick the  sticker over the top that the wall has to be nutty and dirty. The wall that will be applied must be  clean, with uniform paint or ceramics(it can not be peeled or broken) and loooooonge of moisture(God forbid us from this plague). All this impairs the adhesion of the adhesive.

Adhesive: the cool thing is to choose designs that have to do with the things you enjoy-do not forget that you will look at them  EVERY DAY. So, choose not too big or too heavy stickers so you do not want to move after a few months so you do not have to look at your  decoration.

Standard: For environments such as living room, clean themed stickers are best suited. Minimalists, abstract, geometric, nothing too exaggerated.

Decoration: Another important thing is to take a look at what you already have in your house. If you’re not willing to spend a lot, you’ll need to match the  color palette you already have, the furniture, and the themes of your home. You can not mix and regret it later.

Besides all this, there is information you should know about  our darlings:

Application: To apply them you usually only need tape crepe-to line up, and a spatula. The application is  simple and does not require a degree or specialization-seriously!

Maintenance: The care is simple, you need to leave it  away from the water so that it does not peel off. What’s more, watch out for children who can sneak in the nooks and do some quiet little havoc. When you get sick, you  can easily withdraw. It’s easier than taking candy as a child-that’s serious, too! See for bathroom wall stickers.

After this mini lesson, we separate some  ideas to transform your little corner and ge