Adobe Rates on iPad Hardware-Rock’n

When Adobe later this year lacerer pen and ruler of touchskærmsbrug, it will be Apple’s iPad, are supported.

In april 2010 the then Apple guru Steve Jobs issued the infamous “Thoughts on flash” letter when he had had enough of press criticism of the fact that Apple had opted out of Adobe’s Flash on their iOS devices. Later in the same year selected Apple, moreover, that new Mac computers would not be shipped with Flash technology pre-installed.

The relationship between the two companies have since been a little tense, but it seems now to be over all the mountains. Adobe has previously showcased products, to form the company’s debut on the hardware, and Apple’s iPad is the first tablet is supported. It writes The Wall Street Journal.

As demonstrated in the video, so could the pen, who goes by the name “the Mighty”, and the ruler, who goes by the name “Napoleon”, be something like Apple could have designed. Adobe also works on a complimentary app for the new products, which also is expected to be ready later this year.

“This is Adobe’s ability to make creativity accessible to all, because anyone who can use a pen and a ruler will be able to use this, as soon as they see it,” said Michael Gough, who is Adobe’s vice president of experience design. “It is a sweeping, beautiful mission, but it is also good business. We want everyone to be a potential Adobe customer-not just creative professionals ”

I wonder if many individuals, but hung to the creative corner can see possibilities in Adobe’s new toy. So far, both price and availability, however, remains to be seen.