All You Need to Know to Organize a Pajama Party

Until very recently, there were rare cases where a pajama party was chosen to celebrate the children’s birthday. But it seems that, from time to time, this kind of event is turning into a fever.

There are already several companies specialized in these celebrations and, as expected, also for the pajama parties, the sky is the limit. That is, it is possible to make professional suuuuuppppper celebrations, with an incredible paraphernalia to leave the environment appropriate to the theme, but it is also possible to organize something WELL cool in a simple way. Which I particularly prefer.

And then, since there are a lot of people who follow this line of mine, that is, I prefer to organize a really fun and fun pajama party instead of hiring a company to do it, I decided to address this issue in today’s post. In it, I bring the most important tips for you to organize a pajama party without stress and without counter-times and also share some ideas and inspirations to make this celebration a memorable one.

Hope you like it!

Age:  The ideal age for pajama party participants is from 7 years. At this age, they are more independent, feel more secure sleeping away from their parents and enjoy playing better.

Number of participants: Pajama parties can not be too big. The ideal is to have between 5 and 8 children. That is because, you will have to find room for everyone to sleep in the same environment, and in addition, you have to consider that there are a limit of children that adults can safely supervise.

Day and time: since the party is called “pajama party”, the ideal Is that it happen at night, for the children to enter 100% in the climate. It can start from 6:00 p.m. and ideally, the beginning should not exceed 8:00 p.m., so that the children do not arrive tired, sleepy, and take advantage of almost nothing. Already the best day is on Saturday, both for the recipient and for the ones who take it( it is much easier to organize the logistics of the parents on a day when they are freer and have no professional commitments the next day).

The invitation: must occur with at least 15 days in advance. In my opinion, to be honest, I think 20 is ideal. This is because, in this way, parents can organize their schedules in order for the child to be present. When the invitation is made too late, there is a risk that the guests will have other appointments. In the invitation, in addition to the basic information, such as day, time, place and deadline for RSVP, you must also be informed if the child should bring something – pajamas, pillow, duvet, change of clothes, toothbrush, bath towel , Etc… Another important information to be told in the invitation is the time Parents will be able to pick up the children the next day.

How to choose who will attend: Since this is a very intimate party with very few guests, the criterion of choice for the guests is proximity to the birthday boy. Since the child can only call 5 to 8 friends( bursting I would say 10), it is important that she invites who really has more affinity, if it gives better, who really wants to go to the party.

Decoration and organization Of space: pajama party has to have everyone sleeping in the same environment( this is the grace!). So choose a room in the house and take out all the furniture you can get, so you have more room for the kids to have fun with. Something that is really cool is placing stalls( which are usually rented) or set up improvised tents with wires / tapes and sheets hanging over them. To decorate the stalls use lights, teddy bears, balloons, etc… Another idea to decorate the room is to put a thread around the room( like a clothesline) and hang pajamas, slippers, pillows, etc… Another detail of the organization is to separate a space from House for the children to leave their belongings and to undress / dress when necessary.

What to serve for eating and drinking: as it is a party that happens at night, the ideal is to serve something nutritious, but light. Natural sandwiches are a good choice. Other options are tartlets, pasta, pizza. And if you have a movie session on pajama night, you should not forget the popcorn. As for sweets, they can be traditional Of children’s party and / or fruit. In place of the cake, you can enter cupcakes, which are more practical to serve at this type of party and can still match the theme of the celebration. You can not forget breakfast either. It is important to serve some snacks for the little ones to eat when they wake up.

Souvenirs: Like every birthday party, a pajama party also asks for party favors( kids love it!). For those who are willing to spend more, an excellent souvenir is a pajamas, which the child uses at the party itself, or a plush for the child to sleep. Other more options include sleeping masks, slippers, pillows, brush kits, glass, washcloth and toothpaste and flashlights.

Jokes: Of course the pajama party has to have a lot of fun. Some suggestions of jokes and pass time are: storytelling, guitar wheel, Image and Action( mime and divination), movie session, pillow war, karaoke, treasure hunt, among others. Remembering to schedule the heaviest activities for the early evening and leave the More calms to the end( for the children already relax to sleep).


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