Amena Simplifies Its Range of Rates with Unlimited Calling Rate Bye and Three Gigas

Orange is not precisely have few brands, but the truth is that it has very well distributed functions or public of each one of them. While the main brand, the own Orange, focuses on the convergence Simyo focuses on the lowest segment, with great success lately, and Amena covered the war for unlimited calls.

The repescada brand is having a simpler, so far offer of mobile rates with a single rate with zero cents per minute calls and two unlimited calling. But not content with having only three entertaining rates has further simplified its offer, with the the rate of three gigas goodbye.

Unlimited calls and three gigas for 24.95 USD per month. Those were the characteristics of the rate that Amena has withdrawn its offer. Rate had been in force since March fun you respond timidly to the myriad of Telstra, with an increase of megs free which affected two tariffs with unlimited calls.

Obviously customers who already have this contracted rate may maintain. For those who were thinking about hiring her the alternative is to hire rate of two gigabytes and adding two extra bonus of 500 megs, so you would end up paying 25.85 euros, 90 cents more than before. A slight rise in this case, but that could mean savings for who really do not get to spend 2.5 GB (why now would pay 22.90 EUR).

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