Analysis: Gloves Hirzl Grippp Tour SF

Hirzl is a Switzerland brand specializing in cycling and Golf, for which you are not a little familiar with the sport, the grip of the sticks is essential to launch a good “Swing”. Grip, grip and more grip, this is based on the advantage of these gloves, and there are three “p” of the gloves Hirzl Grippp Tour SF.

A formula that gives as a result the maximum safety in the worst conditions, the last thing we want in a rainy March, along a path slush and stones skidding is a hand on the handlebar to slip us, and under that premise have been designed gloves Hirzl Grippp Tour SF.

This characteristic is due to the election and the treatment of the material which is manufactured, the Palm of the Hirzl Grippp Tour SF is comprised of kangaroo leather, an exclusive material which also receives a care tanning process that ensures Gets 3 times more grip in dry and 5 times more grip on wet.
We believe, these gloves literally “stick” to the cuffs of your bike.

With respect to the damping, our experience tells us that bad is lack as excess. Gel inserts can be annoying when they are excessive, but in gloves Hirzl Grippp Tour SF , a perfect balance has been combined with the cut in the Palm (to avoid folds), provides us comfort that few gloves match.

On the back we find a light elastic membrane designed exclusively in our sweat perspiration. This is complemented with the towel covering the whole thumb, whose smoothness is extreme, as well as the seams that surround it. East point important, since when it comes to dry the sweat or mucus caused by effort to avoid cuts and woundscaused by rigid materials or low-quality that we can find in other gloves.

Finally, despite its shorter in the wrist and fingers design, notably the ease with which the glove enters and leaves our hands, thanks not only to the velcro Strip, but to “Pull Off” and “Pull On” systems found in the bottom (in red) and the middle fingers and heart. These allow us to pull the glove easily even after hours of sweating on the bike.

All these features make the gloves gloves Hirzl Grippp Tour SF are a reference in terms ofquality and comfort in garments for cycling.

If you want to know your size of gloves Hirzl, you should only measure the Palm of the hand.Remember that these gloves are tight.

Here are the table of sizes:


Brand: Hirzl
Model: Grippp Tour SF
Type: Cycling gloves
Sizes: M-L – XL – XXL – XXXL
Color: black-red – white

The price of Hirzl Grippp Tour SF gloves for cycling is €38.99 in BicycleBazzar.