According to countryaah, Apache County is located in Northeastern Arizona and is bordered by Navajo County to the north, Graham County to the east, Greenlee County to the south, and Coconino County to the west. Apache County covers an area of 11,218 square miles and has four major rivers running through it: Little Colorado River, San Francisco River, Salt River, and Black River.

The county is home to a variety of terrain including deserts, mountains, forests and canyons. The county seat is St. Johns while other major towns include Chinle, Window Rock and Ganado.

Apache County has a long history with many Native American tribes living in the region for centuries before Europeans arrived in the area. The county was part of Mexico until 1848 when it became part of the United States after the Mexican-American War ended.

The county’s economy has been largely based on agriculture since its founding with farms producing hay and cattle being some of its main sources of income. In recent years tourism has played an increasingly large role in Apache County’s economy with visitors coming from all over the world to see its many natural attractions such as Monument Valley Tribal Park and Canyon de Chelly National Monument.

Navajo Nation also makes up a large portion of Apache County with many residents living on reservation land within its borders. There are also several small towns located within Navajo Nation including Tsaile, Pinon, Teec Nos Pos and Many Farms which are all worth visiting for their unique culture and history.

In conclusion, Apache County is a fascinating place that offers visitors plenty of opportunities for exploration as well as unique cultural experiences that can’t be found anywhere else!

Demographics of Apache County, Arizona

Apache County, Arizona is located in the northeastern part of the state and has a population of 71,518 according to the 2019 census. The county covers 11,218 square miles and has four major rivers running through it: Little Colorado River, San Francisco River, Salt River, and Black River.

The majority of Apache County’s population is Native American with 56.8% identifying as such in 2019. Of that 56.8%, 42% are Navajo while 10% are Hopi and 4% are White Mountain Apache. The remaining 43.2% of residents identify as Hispanic or Latino (18%), White (17%), African American (5%), Asian (1%), and other races (2%).

In terms of gender distribution, Apache County has a fairly even split with 50.3% of the population identifying as female while 49.7% identify as male. The median age for residents living in Apache County is 33 with 24% under the age of 18 and 8% over the age of 65.

The median household income for Apache County was $41,301 in 2019 which is significantly lower than both the state median household income ($56,581) and national median household income ($68,703). The poverty rate in Apache County was also significantly higher than both the state rate (15%) and national rate (11%) at 28%.

In terms of educational attainment, only 17% of adults living in Apache County have a bachelor’s degree or higher which is much lower than both the state rate (30%) and national rate (33%). This could be attributed to a variety of factors including access to educational resources as well as economic barriers that prevent individuals from pursuing higher education opportunities.

Overall, Apache County has a diverse population with many unique cultural backgrounds that make it an interesting place to visit or live!

Places of Interest in Apache County, Arizona

Apache County, Arizona is full of interesting places to explore and experience. From scenic river canyons to majestic mountain views, there is something for everyone in this diverse county.

One of the most popular attractions in Apache County is Canyon de Chelly National Monument. This monument is home to a variety of ancient Puebloan ruins as well as spectacular views of the canyon floor. Visitors can explore the canyon on their own or take a guided tour from one of the local Navajo guides.

Apache County also has many outdoor recreation opportunities including camping, hiking, fishing, and horseback riding. The White Mountain Apache Reservation offers over 800 miles of trails for hikers to explore while also providing access to some of the best trout fishing in Arizona. There are also several campgrounds throughout Apache County that offer a variety of amenities.

If you’re looking for more cultural experiences, Apache County has plenty to offer. The area is home to many Native American tribes such as the Navajo Nation and White Mountain Apache Tribe which have numerous cultural events throughout the year including powwows and rodeos. Additionally, visitors can learn about local history at Fort Apache Historic Park or visit one of the many trading posts located throughout the county.

Apache County also boasts some great shopping opportunities as well as a variety of restaurants ranging from traditional Mexican eateries to modern American fare. Visitors can also enjoy some nightlife with several bars and clubs located in nearby towns such as Springerville and St Johns.

No matter what type of experience you’re looking for, Apache County has something for everyone! From outdoor recreation opportunities to unique cultural experiences, this area offers plently of exciting activities and attractions.

Communities in Apache County, Arizona

Apache County, Arizona is home to a diverse range of communities that offer something for everyone. From small rural towns to larger cities, the area boasts an array of vibrant and welcoming places.

The largest city in Apache County is Show Low which has a population of over 10,000 people. This city offers many amenities such as shopping centers, restaurants, and entertainment venues. It is also home to Northland Pioneer College which provides educational opportunities for locals and visitors alike.

St Johns is another town located in Apache County with a population of nearly 3,000 people. This small community has a vibrant downtown area with many shops and restaurants as well as several parks for outdoor recreation. St Johns also hosts several festivals throughout the year including the Apache County Fair and 4th of July celebration.

Springerville is another community located in Apache County with a population of around 2,500 people. This town also has plenty to offer including an array of restaurants and shops as well as a variety of outdoor recreation opportunities such as camping, hiking, fishing, horseback riding, and more.

Apache County also includes several smaller communities such as Concho which has a population of just over 500 people. This small town offers some great shopping opportunities at its local stores as well as access to nearby lakes for fishing or boating activities.

No matter what type of lifestyle you are looking for or what type of amenities you desire there is something for everyone in Apache County! From larger cities like Show Low to smaller towns like Concho this area offers plenty of options for those seeking out an exciting new place to call home!

Notable People of Apache County, Arizona

Apache County, Arizona is home to a variety of notable people. From athletes to actors and musicians, the region has produced some of the most celebrated individuals in their respective fields.

Former professional basketball player and current coach Sean Miller grew up in Apache County and attended Canyon Del Oro High School in Tucson. He went on to play college basketball at Pittsburgh University before spending time playing professionally in Europe. Miller then returned to the US where he became an assistant coach for Xavier University, a position he held until 2009 when he was hired as head coach of the University of Arizona’s men’s basketball team.

Actress Chloë Grace Moretz also hails from Apache County, having grown up in Show Low, Arizona. She began her acting career at a young age appearing in films such as The Amityville Horror and (500) Days of Summer before transitioning into more adult roles such as that of Hit Girl in Kick-Ass and Carrie White in the 2013 remake of Carrie.

Country music singer Dierks Bentley is another notable person from Apache County who rose to fame with his single “What Was I Thinkin” which was released back in 2003. He has since gone on to have multiple number one hits on the Billboard Country Chart including “Sideways”, “Come a Little Closer”, and “Drunk on a Plane” among others.

Other notable people from Apache County include actor Christian Kane who starred as Eliot Spencer on Leverage; actress Tina Majorino who appeared in films such as Napoleon Dynamite and When A Stranger Calls; and musician/producer Mike Elizondo who has worked with artists such as Eminem, Dr. Dre, 50 Cent, Pink, Maroon 5, among others.

Apache County has produced some amazing talent over the years! From athletes to actors to musicians this area is full of talented individuals that have made their mark on the world!

Bordering States of Arizona

According to abbreviationfinder, Arizona is bordered by four states: California, Nevada, Utah, and New Mexico. The border between Arizona and California stretches for a total of 373 miles as it follows the Colorado River from its southwestern tip at the Colorado River’s mouth near Yuma to its northernmost point at the Nevada-California state line. The border with Nevada measures about 318 miles in length as it runs along Arizona’s eastern edge from the Colorado River near Topock to its westernmost point at the Grand Canyon National Park. Additionally, Arizona shares a lengthy border with Utah that measures approximately 434 miles in total length. It extends from the Grand Canyon National Park eastward to Utah’s southwestern tip near Navaho Mountain. Finally, Arizona has a relatively short border with New Mexico that measures only 332 miles in length as it runs along New Mexico’s northwestern edge from Coronado National Forest to its southeastern tip near San Simon Creek.

Apache County, Arizona

Apache County, Arizona
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