Apple: New Samsung-Document Is Proof of Imitation

Apple has presented new evidence confirming that the competitor Samsung deliberately copied the iPhone.

If you continuously follow techgiganternes patent disputes, so have you also seen, with the guarantee that the previous lawsuit against Samsung in the United States is definitely Apple. During the last trial was an internal Samsung document revealedthat in detailing how Samsung compared their product with the competitor’s, and what they should copy.

As our site described in this article, Apple vs Samsung-here is what they fight about this time, so is techgiganterne now back in the courtroom. Among the 5 violated the patents that Apple has with, found the “slide to unlock”. It uses all iOS users, when the device needs to be unlocked.

Until now, there has however been no striking evidence in the case. Samsung has found internal Apple e-mails out of the attic, which proves that the then Apple boss Steve Jobs declared “Holy War” (Jihad) against the search giant Google. Apple itself has not wished to draw Google into the case, in spite of the fact that they are behind the Android system that Samsung uses on their smartphones.

Just as in the first trial as Apple has now presented an interesting proof against Samsung. This time it is even a “copycat”-document with the 60 slides that have been designed to make the user interface on the Samsung’s mobiles “more intuitive and emotional,” (more intuitive and emotional). It writes Apple Insider.

The document, which you can read more about here proves that Samsung has worked with own solutions to unlock phones, but eventually found Apple’s method better. The reasons have been, among other things, that Samsung has found Apple’s “slide to unlock” more fluid, intuitive and safe.

About the document gets crucial for the actual trial, we have not yet, but we expect however, nor a decision right away.