Attention, Men: How to Wash Your Underwear the Right Way!

OK, this is weird, but it’s part of life. Then learn here to wash your panties in an easy, simple and effective!

A subject that’s always kind of boring for single men, it’s about how to wash their underwear. Even many relaxed around always end up leaving after washing your underwear and socks, just playing in the water when the situation is beyond ugly. Therefore, if you do not want to do ugly and want to walk with your hygiene, today Let’s take a tip extremely useful. We will teach to you expensive modern Bachelor, how to wash your underwear and even we will give some tips on where to buy underwear on sale! Attention to the tips!

How to Wash Underwear

OK, a lot of people will claim that’s just playing on the machine and let her turn. But it’s not out there. In the washing machine there is a risk that you end up staining your underwear to put the same into contact with other clothing to release ink. In addition, some fabrics don’t get along very well on the machine, losing elasticity, aging and tearing up earlier.

The first step is to choose the place where you wash. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not nice to wash his underwear in the shower. What if you forget she’s there when it is receiving a visit? Especially if that visitor who is rolling”something more”, right? Yes, it’s right to do as soldiers in the war and go to the tank.(ok, that was lame)

Follow the Step by Step:

1-Cover the drain the tank and put a bit of water, enough to submerge the underwear

2-Put your underwear and soak all of it.

3-Take a coconut SOAP, and lather it all

4-rub enough, lather. The best is even rubbing the hands, with brush you can ruin the fabric.

5-rinse, removing all SOAP

6-put it on the Clothesline. But here an important detail, do not place in the Sun, prefers a clothesline to take shadow.

Where to Buy Underwear?

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Video-Folding Your Underwear

And to finish, after drying, see how to fold your underwear with practicality: