Ayia Napa is considered one of the most popular resorts in Cyprus. Here everyone can find relaxation according to their individual taste. Mostly young people and all those who consider themselves young at heart rest in this resort, as Ayia Napa has a noisy atmosphere of boundless fun. But the magnificent weather of Ayia Napa, amazing nature, original dishes of local chefs and cozy hotels of Ayia Napa provide an opportunity to have a good rest in this resort for all those who, above all, appreciate comfort and the unique beauty of nature in their vacation.


The most important and famous attraction of Ayia Napa is the old monastery, which was built by the Venetians in the 16th century. The name of the monastery is translated from Greek as “Madonna of the Forest”. The monastery is surrounded by high brick walls, and in the middle of the monastery there is a small cozy courtyard with a skillfully made fountain. Next to the monastery is an ancient church, which was built even earlier than the monastery. The church is interesting because it is partially located in the rock. One can imagine how much work it took the builders of those years to chisel hard stone. Also near the church is an old mulberry tree, its age is approximately 600 years.


For true lovers of relaxation under the sun, Ayia Napa offers its wonderful beaches, which are considered among the best in Cyprus. Beautiful clean golden sand and amazing blue sea will impress the most demanding tourist. You can sunbathe on absolutely any beach, even if it is located next to a hotel, but you will definitely have to pay for the opportunity to use sunbeds or umbrellas. In Ayia Napa, in addition to the beaches that are under the supervision of the hotel or city beaches, there are wild beaches, but the conditions for relaxing on them are not the best from those that are constantly being properly maintained. The most popular beach in Ayia Napa is Nissi Beach. It has good conditions for tourists to relax and there is an opportunity to engage in various water sports – windsurfing,


Life in the resort of Ayia Napa impresses with its atmosphere of constant fun and joy. This is possible due to the fact that Ayia Napa has a large number of entertainment. In addition to all kinds of sports that you can practice on the wonderful beaches of Ayia Napa, special attention should be paid to the water park of Ayia Napa, which will surely appeal not only to small children, but also to adults who love water attractions and a good mood that will make you provided after visiting the water park. This water park has a fairly large territory and a solid number of attractions that are based on the myths of ancient Greece.

Night life

The peak of activity of vacationers in Ayia Napa falls at night. It is at this time that the famous discos, restaurants and clubs of Ayia Napa open, which are happy to receive all guests of this resort. In restaurants you can taste local cuisine and excellent wines, and in discos you can have fun dancing to the rhythms of music from all over the world. Each entertainment establishment in this resort has its own distinctive feature, but everywhere you can feel the unique feeling of freedom and complete enjoyment of your vacation.

Ayia Napa, Cyprus

Ayia Napa, Cyprus
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