According to Countryaah, Barbour County is located in southeastern Alabama, bordered by the counties of Pike, Coffee, Dale, Henry, and Russell. It is home to the cities of Clayton and Eufaula and is located within the Wiregrass Region. The county has a total area of 613 square miles with 527 square miles being land and 86 square miles being water. The terrain of Barbour County consists of rolling hills with forests and farmlands. It also features numerous rivers that run through it including the Chattahoochee River, Choctawhatchee River, Pea River, Tombigbee River, and other smaller rivers. The county also has several lakes such as Lake Eufaula which is a popular destination for fishing and recreational activities. Barbour County has a humid subtropical climate with hot summers and mild winters with occasional snowfall during winter months. The average annual precipitation in the county is 54 inches per year with most rainfall occurring during summer months from June through August. Overall, Barbour County provides a unique combination of small-town charm along with access to larger cities like Montgomery or Dothan making it an ideal location for those looking to experience both rural living as well as urban amenities.

Barbour County, Alabama

Demographics of Barbour County, Alabama

Barbour County, Alabama is home to approximately 27,000 people as of the 2019 census. The population is largely rural, with the majority of inhabitants living in small towns and rural areas. The largest city in the county is Eufaula, which has a population of around 12,000 people. The racial makeup of Barbour County is 74% White, 24% African American, 1% Hispanic or Latino of any race, 0.3% Native American and 1.2% Asian. According to the latest census data, approximately 83% of Barbour County residents are high school graduates or higher and 16% have a bachelor’s degree or higher. Additionally, the median household income in Barbour County as of 2018 was $36,065 with 18.4% living below the poverty line.

The largest employers in Barbour County are healthcare organizations such as Southeast Alabama Medical Center and Eufaula Regional Hospital as well as retail stores such as Walmart and Home Depot. Additionally, farming and timber production are major industries that contribute to the economy of the county. Education is also an important part of life in Barbour County with several public schools located throughout the county including Eufaula High School which serves students from grades 9-12. Overall, Barbour County provides a unique combination of small-town charm along with access to larger cities like Montgomery or Dothan making it an ideal location for those looking for a rural lifestyle with urban amenities close by.

Places of Interest in Barbour County, Alabama

Barbour County, Alabama is a beautiful area full of interesting places to explore. From historic sites to outdoor recreation, Barbour County has something for everyone.

For those interested in history, Fort Gaines is located on Dauphin Island and is an important site for the Civil War. The fort was the site of the Battle of Mobile Bay in 1864, and visitors can explore the fort’s museum and take a guided tour of the grounds. Additionally, Eufaula National Wildlife Refuge provides a great opportunity to observe wildlife in their natural habitat with over 8,000 acres of wetlands and forests.

Outdoor enthusiasts will find plenty to do in Barbour County as well with many parks offering opportunities for camping, fishing, hiking and more. Chewacla State Park is located just outside of Auburn and features 26 miles of trails for hiking or biking as well as a lake perfect for swimming or fishing. For those looking to get out on the water there are several boat launches located throughout the county including Lakepoint State Park which offers access to both Lake Eufaula and Lake Seminole.

In addition to its natural beauty, Barbour County also offers many cultural attractions such as museums, art galleries and music venues. The Eufaula-Barbour County Historical Society Museum provides visitors with an insight into local history while nearby Auburn University has an excellent art museum as well as several theaters showcasing performing arts from around the world. Finally, music lovers will enjoy visiting venues like The Bowery Station in downtown Eufaula which hosts live bands every weekend throughout the summer months.

Overall, Barbour County provides visitors with plenty to explore from its outdoor recreation opportunities to its cultural attractions making it an ideal destination for anyone looking for a unique experience in rural Alabama.

Notable People of Barbour County, Alabama

Barbour County, Alabama is home to many notable people who have made an impact in a variety of fields. Among them are politicians such as former Alabama Governor Bob Riley, who served from 2003 to 2011, and current U.S. Senator Doug Jones, who was elected in 2017. Both have used their political positions to advocate for the citizens of Barbour County and the state of Alabama.

The county is also home to well-known athletes such as former NFL quarterback Jay Barker, a Heisman Trophy winner at the University of Alabama before playing professionally with the Carolina Panthers and New England Patriots; basketball player Shannon Bobbitt, who played for Tennessee and won two NCAA championships; and Major League Baseball player Jody Davis, a former catcher for the Chicago Cubs.

The arts are also well represented with country singer Jason Isbell hailing from Green Hill, Alabama; jazz musician Nat Adderley Jr., son of jazz great Nat Adderley Sr.; and actor John Heard, known for his roles in films such as Big and Home Alone.

Finally, Barbour County has given rise to several prominent businesspeople including Richard Scrushy, founder of HealthSouth Corporation; entrepreneur Albert Eubank Sr., a co-founder of Eufaula National Bank; and Larry Langford, founder and CEO of Langford Industries Incorporated.

These individuals have all made an impact on Barbour County by bringing attention to its culture through their work as well as inspiring others to pursue their dreams regardless of where they come from. As such they serve as excellent role models for present and future generations in Barbour County and beyond.

Barbour County, Alabama
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