BlackBerry Gets Patent on the Physical Keyboard for Touch Phones

BlackBerry works apparently are physical keyboard to put pressure on the screen so users can get the Z10/Z30 familiar BlackBerry experience.

BlackBerry has always been very pleased with QWERTY keyboards, something which constantly can characterize their mobiles. They have also been out with riven against a similar click-on keyboard for the iPhone that they feel is a little too blatant copy.

Now would seem to make a BlackBerry keyboard that can be mounted on a phone with a touch screen and thus giving the Z10 and Z30 owners the same feeling of a BlackBerry device as Q10-owners may have.

Right now, the idea is merely sketched as a patent, but it could be a really sensible solution to those who miss the BlackBerry’s keyboard, but who don’t want to compromise on the screen size and then you can even mount the keyboard when you have to write long e-mails.