Bra: from Repression to Sensuality

For many, he was once a lifesaver, for others a repressive element. Even so, the bra (from the French bra, which means bra) has remained alive since its inception in 1889. The patent, which belongs to Warner Bros, has already yielded more than $ 15 billion in less than 30 years of existence. Still, in his initial idea, it served to rid the aristocratic women of the corset, intimate clothing that made many of them faint for lack of air.

Much later, in the 1960s, a legion of feminists burned a handful of bras, believing it to be a symbol of male repression.
But, after all, what does the bra represent these days?

Nowadays, I observe that women see lingerie more as an object of sensuality and not as support or repression. Even what is considered simple, has the intention of increasing the breasts or lifting them?, reports fashion consultant Sabina Donadelli.

For college student Paula Monteiro, 18, the bra has nothing to repress.
“I consider them sexy, because they leave men wanting when we hide their breasts,” she says.

Sabina also says that the fashion of intimate pieces lives like a scale: now hangs to the busts, and now for the smallest. In the 90’s, for example, the idea was to approach the skinny, off-the-wall, minimalist. Was not it beautiful to have a breast?

It is possible to create a new reality with colorful and different lingeries. It leaves the environment more exciting and eventually increases a woman’s self-esteem. She feels more powerful! “Says Regina Paiva, 27, a lawyer.

Some myths :
The color beige, contrary to what they think, is not considered discouraging. Many women choose this color. What matters is the attachment of the clothing to the skin.

The briefs are also other pieces that were considered masculinized and great, but which, for many men, are more fun. “I think they are a lot more fun and sometimes even more feminine,” says student Eduardo Ribeiro, 17.

Transparent, with bumps or without, of silk or nylon and with strings that they saw and they turn in the most varied positions.Technologies have improved the bras for all wants and contours. There are currently tests for bras that even detect breast cancer!

See the formats for each type of bust:

With rim and without bulge: for women with full breasts who wish to make them smaller.
With rim and with bulge: for those who already have flabby busts, or even for those who want to value, whether large or small.
With push-ups and bumps: ideal for those who have small breasts, because they leave them raised and bigger.
Tops or support: ideal for pregnant women who need to leave them in place. Plus, it’s great for sports, especially for those with large breasts.
Cup bra: for medium to large breasts, as the upper chest mark is valued.
Tomara-que-caia: for any type, provided that in the appropriate size. Just be careful if you have too big breasts. Choose dark colors so you do not get even more prominent and always with hoops so they do not fall down.
Silicone bra: same as the fall-down case, it is not ideal for those who have too much chest, unless the blouse is just to hold them.

It is important that women use the correct size and type of part. Dr. José Roberto Filassi, a mastologist and chief of the mastology outpatient clinic at Hospital das Clínicas, warns that misuse of the bra can cause pain in both the breasts and nearby regions. It also indicates cotton as a fabric preference, as the rest can cause allergy and skin irritation. “At times, confusion can even occur to the diagnosis of these allergies, some people believe they are papillary cancer (nipples) and end up medicating inappropriately,” he reports. And when it comes to asking about the advantages of using it, he exclaims: “The advantages are endless. The ligaments of the breasts hold tight thanks to the bra. Every woman should wear it!

If you still see the bra as a symbol of repression, you see that from the 60’s not everything was lost. Although reformulated in today’s standards, it has become an emblem of feminine power and physical care. So be sure to use it, even if it is a very discreet one!