Bullion, a Wall Clock That Will Not Leave Us Indifferent

Today there are a huge number of designs of wall clocks that we will be able in every moment of time in which we live. But surely few are similar to Bullion, a clock with a design and different concept that will get you Pearl our smart homes.

Designed by Eric Wang and awarded with the red dot to the best design concept, Bullion is characterized by the hour in a peculiar way, because use a set of lasers to create both the points indicating the numbers of hours moving clockwise.

It has three concentric metal medallions, one of them is static and contains a series of holes through which leave the rays laser towards the wall, indicating the different hours.

The other two medallions are mobile and while they are rotating make as the minute hand and second hand, marking the hour on the wall with two separate lasers. The Bullion may hang by a system of magnets included and its implementation is very simple, since it is enough to press lightly on the surface. Will we see it soon on sale? We don’t know it, but we are sure that you would call attention in the market.