Correctly Move Switching From Iphone to Android – iTunes

As well as every one of us who has an Apple iPhone, iTunes uses to synchronize. But what exactly is iTunes? iTunes is a free app, which you can use to manage digital music and videos and play. You can choose from over 26 million songs and these are then immediately in your iTunes library on your Mac, PC or iPhone available. iTunes is heard but only in connection with iPhones and other Apple products.

But why not go together iTunes and Android?

If you it ever tried to connect an Android Smartphone with a Mac, you have certainly noticed that doing absolutely nothing happens. If you would like to connect it to a Windows machine, it looks quite different.Anyway you can music files or transfer images do not have iTunes on an Android Smartphone. So far, that was the biggest problem when switching from an iPhone on an Android Smartphone.

But now that should work.

But how can that be possible? Files from iTunes can now be synchronized with your Android Smartphone to stream them directly on the Smartphone.This is no problem with the right apps from the Android market. The apps double twist music and AirSync provide for remedy.

Synchronize with DoubleTwist

To synchronize your iTunes there are so a Gratisapp DoubleTwist, which you well to match to your Android can perform, but only via a USB cable.

DoubleTwist will allow you a very easy transition from iTunes on the software. Download just the free app DoubleTwist music from the market, after you have installed the desktop application. You will now start only the desktop software and the app DoubleTwist music. Connect only the Smartphone via USB cable to a Windows PC. Only data is copied by DoubleTwist on your Smartphone. If you want to transfer the data from your Smartphone to your PC, you need to mark the corresponding checkbox. Then the two-sided transmission should run smoothly.

Synchronization via Wi-Fi with AirSync

There is also still the app AirSync, performing a synchronization via Wi-Fi. Who wants so you’d better perform the synchronization via Wi-Fi, which requires as a third component in addition to double twist and double twist music, also AirSync. This app cost around 4 euro, but the investment worth it, if you’re not a fan of them, to connect the devices via USB to the computer. With the app to create a PIN code, then entering in the desktop application, to pair your phone with the PC. After a short preparation, the synchronization runs out quickly and easily.
Data transfer with an existing iTunes account and an Android Smartphone is so possible and thus represents more to no problem. You have even the possibility to choose, whether you you for the free USB version or choose the synchronization via Wi-Fi. So also you succeed of phasing out Apple world.