Discover the Different Types of Clay and How to Handle Them

In this article you will learn what the different types of clay, clay and are handled.

How to work the clay.

Clay modeling, clay, play dough, some kinds of ceramic, clay in English, etc., are all made of Earth, dust or dry mud and aggregates of different compounds. This mixture is dissolved in water or oil to form the dough. Added compounds, the type of land and the agent which dissolves to clay give it different properties.

In general when wet it is moldable and flexible and once dry collapses and remains permanently hardened.

Clay has been used for various purposes over the years and is still used for many of these purposes nowadays. Used and it has been used to form from vessels to bricks and even to support writing.

Different types of clay.

There are different kinds of clays to work. Today it is easy to find most of them in the main stores of crafts. There are different colors and different types of drying clay, the main thing is to know which clay used for different jobs to do.

Clays with oil-based: they are the Plastiline, this type of clay can be reused many times since they do not dry easily. They are malleable and easy to operate at room temperature. It comes in various colors that you can mix and match. For its aeite base are hard to clean surfaces that stain.

Water-based clays, is the most common in the crafts dry air and does not require oven not heat, is cheap, and if you have the right amount of moisture can work it and shape it easily. As dry air if you do not want your project to dry overnight to another you should protect it with a plastic bag to keep it moisture and you can continue working on it. Once dry you can paint.

Modeling dough made of polymers, this mass of fashion today comes in several colours and different brands, is usually used for jewelry projects you work it at home and it can dry it in a home oven, making sure the figure is permanently, some even dried to form erasers. There are several brands, Sculpey ®, Fimo ® and other encountered in some stationery and crafts stores.

Clay for pottery, usually this clay dried in air and then requires baking at high temperatures to take its characteristic luster. Used to make tableware and dishes.

For most crafts on our page, we will generally use clay water base that dry air.

Working the clay.

There are several ways of working clay and not all of them require expensive or hard-to-find and use instruments.

Children know that with a bar of plasticine and sticks, wood, paper, clips, bottle caps, toothbrushes, coins, cookie molds, press garlic Squeezer lemons, etc. With objects present in all the houses we can make funny figures.

You can buy utensils using the sculptors called antiques and sold in the shops of art, or you can make your own with some basic instruction.

How to make your own antiques.

To make a large or medium and solid sculpture.

1) first thing is to define the way that will have your sculpture. Make a sketch on paper of what you want to sculpt.

(2) acquire the necessary clay.

(3) put it on a work surface preferably one that does not absorb moisture and dry bottom of your sculpture attempts also that it you can save and remove from the step.

(4) crushed clay everywhere as kneading it to make it malleable and uniform. If you have to join more than one brick of clay this is the moment.

(5) it molds the clay with your hands to give the appearance of your figure.

(6) it works more fine details by removing excess clay with different instruments.

(7) remember keep the wet clay, for this you can help you a sprinkler with water.

(8) at the end of your sculpture work if you do not want to dry cover with a damp cloth and cover with a plastic bag, the day following will continue it.

(9) before letting it dry adds terminated, whether other textures or objects that you want to be.

(10) it transfers your sculpture to a surface that absorbs the moisture and allow it to aerate well so it dries.

(11) already dry you can paint or varnish.

(12) If you want to make a very large sculpture, one of the best is you first to make a structure of wire mesh that holds it.