Dropbox, You Can Download and Try The Next Version with Major Changes

Dropbox It is a cloud storage service, free or payment depending on your needs. This service is designed to manage it from your computer, either via a Web browser or the desktop client. The thing improves when you also install the application for mobile or tablet, You can access the contents of your account. The current version you have in the Android Market is a bit limited, but we already have been tested one Beta version, Preview of the next update, which will bring and we tell you these improvements.

The current version of Dropbox on Android Market It has everything you need to be able to access your account, download stuff on your phone or tablet and upload content; It is almost a simple file Explorer. The new version, that we can Download and install manually, still is one Beta and can ever occur a ‘ force closing ’, but in general works well and the improvements are substantial.

  • We see that all the interface has been redesigned, with direct access to your account Explorer, the upload and the inquiry or marked favorilos.
  • Now you can mark files from your account that you want to reference when you don’t have connection to the Internet on your mobile. Put them as favourites basically stored in your mobile phone and you can see them from the top favorites to access.
  • They have also put the shortcut to upload files of any type, highlighting the importance if they are photos or videos, both stored as created on the fly.
  • Anytime that we can quickly access your file manager, we can see that there is a direct access to create new folders at that location, really handy.
  • Clicking on any file or folder, on the icon on your right, it will show a bar of actions to be able to delete it, rename it, share it or mark it as a favorite.
  • They have substantially improved the Gallery of images now to watch them we see the bar of actions with the possibility to export it to the mobile memory card.
  • Now also you can create text files directly with the application. It seems silly but it will be convenient to create text notes that then we recover on your computer with the corresponding notification, also very practical.
  • Something you don’t see, but that we should note, is that they have fixed bugs and improved the stability of the application.

As you have seen, and scanner after installation, this new version is a good change in every way. The installation will warn you that it will be on top of the previous version. Perhaps the only drawback are some bugs in the Spanish translation, but they will probably corrected in the final version.

In general will be a substantial improvement, that already it was suing him this application, because it is currently one of the most popular cloud storage services and that It fits perfectly between your computer and your mobile phone or tablet, with the possibility of using its space in many applications from both sites, as makes Picplz to cite any example or 1Password. Don’t hesitate and install it!

Dropbox Version

  • Version of Android: from 1.5
  • Developer: Dropbox
  • Download it in: Dropbox Forums
  • Price: free
  • Category: Tools and productivity