Duel of Titans, Operating Systems and Filtrations. Galaxy Engadget Mobile

There are always weeks that give us more news than others, and that morning begins with today will surely be one of the most intense of the year. New ships badges and many other developments await us during these days, but not for this reason week ending today has not been absent from news.

So here we bring you a series of articles with the highlights of the week. An interesting duel between processors, news about operating systems or leaks about what awaits us this afternoon. If you’ve been off this week, starts here Galaxy Engadget Mobile.

  • Duel of processors. In the race for the best performance in Engadget they have prepared a bout of roosters, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 against Samsung Exynos 7 Octa, who will win the duel?
  • While Firefox OS smartphones is seems to be having a discreet welcome Mozilla operating system expands borders. From Engadget Smart Home show us that it brings this OS to Panasonic TVs UHD.
  • Without abandoning the subject of operating systems we have to talk about Windows Phone. With iOS and Android dominating the market Windows Phone lost share but increased sales in 2014. Tell it to us from Engadget Windows.
  • You impatient to know the next ship Samsung logo despite the few hours that remain to meet him? As always we have had a good serving of rumors and leaks, like the photos that show us from Engadget Android.
  • Many thing we expected from long ago. The arrival of the web version of WhatsApp was big news for which we we spent the day in front of a PC screen, although it was only compatible with Chrome. But as we have since Quiviger Firefox and Opera are also now supported.
  • And as usual when approaching a new edition of the Mobile World Congress, where Apple is always the great absentee, those of Cupertino contraprograman with an announcement. As you collect Applesfera the bite Apple have announced event event for day 9, would Apple Watch in sight?
  • To close this overview a selection of applications. Are you a lover of literature? Then you can’t miss the selection of 13 applications that can not miss, since Sony space.