Enlighten Yourself… Do You Know What Is the Flashlight That You Really Need?

Do you know what is the flashlight that you really need?

Then we analyze some important aspects that could help you to choose the most appropriate flashlight according to your sporting activity. In the practice of sports in the open air must take into account what the light need that really requires our sporting activity, practice schedules, autonomy, the battery type… Let’s see!


First look at our schedules and if our trips take place throughout the year. In this sense, the fact that in the winter dark earlier will require the use of flashlights for any sport in the open air. Similarly, in summer many athletes – bikers, runners… -, made their exits at night to avoid the sweltering heat of the summer season. In both cases, a good flashlight will determine that our departure will be a success.


We appreciate the autonomy of our flashlight and charging system; two related and very important factors. Thus, we must take into account the autonomy of our flashlight and that its battery is rechargeable already which will be much cheaper in the long run.
Therefore, they the headlights to AA/AAA batteries are practical because they can be purchased in any trade and by the fact that can also be converted to rechargeable if we use batteries of this type. The rest of batteries are rechargeable, although it is important to assess using suitable for each model. This fact determined the efficiency of our flashlight and optimal durability.

Visibility for safety

Many times we forget that our visibility is totally linked to the visibility that other vehicles will have of us and to our Security. this factor is essential! I.e., it is not only important that we see but also to see us. In this sense we advise to use quality flashlights and accessories that make us visible.

Meanwhile, some of our models of headlights – as the HL30 and HP25- have S.O.S signal flashers that may be very useful in an emergency. In addition we advise take a lantern in the backpack, since you can fix us over one problem and can help us to an unforeseen event. In this case, it is interesting to provide for use with battery replacement that ensures their availability in these cases.

Sporting activity:

Hiking: any good quality headlamp may be valid for walking in the mountains. The choice of a model or another depends on the preferences of each with regard to ratio weight / luminosity / autonomy.
The HL21 is a good alternative if the user looking for a lightweight flashlight. The HL30 will grant us more light output and greater autonomy. For its part, our model HP25 multiply benefits, but also weight. In this sense, there rating will be our real needs.

Running/Trail: here weight is essential; so the HL21 would be the ideal model. The HL30 could also meet our needs if we seek to go sobrados of light and autonomy. In this sense, should assess what are the spaces where we run and weigh not only the weight is important, but also have good lighting. Thus, for example, in mountain is fundamental to see well the irregularities of the ground.

Cycling: for cyclists, the power light is important; not only that, in addition to appreciate the versatility of a flashlight that provides good visibility for short and long range. In this sense, BT10 and BT20 models provide dual-beam of light able to focus with a single LED to short and long distance. For its part, the BT20 model provides brighter and autonomy, but does not run on AA batteries only with a 18650 battery that can be purchased along with your charger to buy the flashlight.
In addition, BT10 and BT20 models offer the possibility to settle in the handlebar either in the town. Handlebar gives us a stable, valid lighting for the majority of situations while in town will allow us to better illuminate the curves or elements of your own bike.
Another alternative for the rider can be a good headlamp – as the HL30 – placed under the visor of the helmet. Its performance is sufficient at speeds of up to 20 km/h. That Yes, if we want to go faster will have to take the risk.

Hunting/fishing: are activities that tend to practice for hours. Therefore, they require great autonomy and power, as well as to focus on short and long distance, or even at the same time. Thus, our model HP25 will be an excellent choice, since its greater weight is usually not a problem in this type of activity, and will grant us the power and autonomy for hours.

TwoNav lanterns catalogue

Phoenix HL21 headlamp

Front flashlight Fenix HL21 is a light headlight front, ideal for running or walking at night. Its powerful focus will allow us to clearly see our way to a distance of 93 meters.

Phoenix HL30 headlamp

Front flashlight Fenix HL30 is a powerful headlamp capable of delivering 200 lumens of light with a range of up to 40 meters. Ideal for hikers, hunters, anglers and cyclists night.

Front flashlight Fenix HP25
The powerful Phoenix HP25 headlamp is a front light offering up to 340 lumens of brightness, ideal for excursions in the evening. It has a focus of short range offering a proximity of high-quality light and another focus of long range that will allow us to see clearly at a distance of 160 metres.

Flashlight Fenix BT10 bike
For BT10 Fenix bike flashlight is a practical and light flashlight for cyclists. Feeds with the classic AA batteries and can be easily mounted on the handlebars of the bike or in the front of the helmet.

Flashlight Fenix BT20 bike
For BT20 Fenix bike flashlight is a bright flashlight can illuminate our trips by bike with a power of up to 750 lumens. Its versatility makes it that it can be easily mounted on the handlebar or on the bicycle helmet.

Our shop PickTrue continue to expand our product portfolio with the addition of a new section of ‘Equipment’ where you can complete your sports equipment with Fenix flashlights.