Eternal Andy Warhol And His Glasses: ‘NEVER HIDE’

Today we commemorate with admiration the death of the artist who conquered the world of fashion and public relations thirty years ago today.

A public figure and enigmatic that is a curious mystery for its particular way of understanding the creative tendencies of the time.

Successful and impeccable as a professional illustrator, he impressed us as he became famous for the massive use of images with a totally original and original style, which is reproduced today to the fullest by his followers. Warhol was notable for his work in painting, but also as an avant-garde and literary filmmaker.

Andy was the third son of a Slovak family who immigrated to the United States to work in the coal mines in 1914. He began his career at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh today, and during the 1950s he began to gain a reputation for his illustrations of a Advertisement of shoes, but it would not be until the mid-sixties when it would surprise the world with the birth of Pop Art.

His character was marked by the end of World War II and the new world order in which capitalism was triumphant, encouraging his work on the mass consumer society of the United States. Events that profiled a very skillful personality in relation to the media, acquiring the position of guru of modernity between artists, aristocrats and all kinds of celebrities.

Andy Warhol kisses Salvador Dali in a photograph taken by Christopher Makos in 1978 at the St. Regis Hotel in New York.

The works for Campbell and his soup cans, Coca Cola or the emblematic Marilyn Monroe will pass into eternity. Unique style distinguished by a heartbreaking creativity that broke the way of understanding advertising campaigns and creating trend.

Ray-Ban took the figure of Warhol as one of the most important for his brand. Under the slogan “Never Hide”, he promoted his sunglasses in a way not previously seen, associating art and consumption in a way that we loved for his striking and attractive graphic pieces.

Pieces like this peaked feminine values ​​with dyes of modernity. Ray-Ban campaign became a way of communication that changed the way we wear glasses. Flagship models such as theWayfarer or Cats1000 sunglasses, as well as the Clubroundview glasses, still represent in our times how to see the world that had the artist.