Europe to a Standstill at The Moment The Purchase of Jazztel, Parties Have to Provide Data

Nearly a half year after Orange revealed that it had reached an agreement with the CEO of Jazztel to get your company the transaction still are no or much less closed. This movement is closed It would leave the competition in the sector under the minimum, After the first disappearance of ONO and Jazztel.

And while Orange has offered a second round of concessions few days ago it seems that Europe is thinking about it is much. Reuters Agency revealed today a spokesman for the Commission said that loperation at the moment is paralyzed, apparently both parties to the agreement have pending data provide to the approved operation.

The clock has stopped because the parties have not provided a piece

So clear was Ricardo Cardoso, spokesman for the European Commission, which analyzes the purchase of Jazztel’s Orange. Without specifying what those data that not have been referred to the authority, what is clear is that the date set as the limit for Europe itself to decide, on 30 April, is probably short.

Among the reservations that Brussels would be showing is the decrease of competition in the Spanish teleco. Without Jazztel Movistar, Vodafone and Orange dominate the market, because as much virtual that it exists in the hands of the three operators would almost all networks of broadband fixed and much of the mobile market.

Orange would be trying to overcome the obstacles with concessions, which could happen by opening their fixed networks or commitments to maintain the price war. But it seems that from the Spanish and the French operator they are not collaborating with the authorities, It could delay and even complicate the closing of the purchase. All a soap opera that it is difficult to predict a result.