Follow The Quota Rises to Change of More Data, Now in The Chestnut-Orange

2015 seems to be being the year in which rather than follow cheaper mobile telephony is more expensive, or at least among the large operators. In addition to seeing a rise in the establishment of call, already in 20 cents in certain rates of the big three, we also saw rises in monthly installments justified with larger data bonds.

And is that Movistar thus made to renew in January fares only mobile live or Vodafone when it renewed its different families of rates. Therefore We needed Orange renewal rates, but so far the only made movement has been the launch of the new Hummingbird. But now that is the turn of modifying an existing fee, and Yes, more euros in Exchange for more megs.

Rate affected this time is the Toucan. That has so far offered 150 minutes in calls (with an extra hour for one euro packages) and a gig of data for 19.95 euros per month It now passes to be priced at 21.95 euros a month to change that data bonus up to giga and a half.

Change It shall enter into force on 28 June, by what users who currently have this rate are being informed of the changes, since they have until that day to change operator without penalty for permanence in rate, although in case of purchasing a terminal along with the rate would have to pay the penalty by grant.

With this change, Orange is still in line with its traditional rivals. Vodafone has two rates with 200 minutes for calls, for 20 euros with a giga or 23 euros with giga and a half, while Movistar has the 25 lives, with 200 minutes and 1.5 gigabytes for 25 euros. Difference minimal, if anything in favor of Orange to be able to add 60 minutes to the Toucan for one euro.

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