Gamers, Laws or Alternatives, and Much More: Galaxy Engadget Mobile

And if quieses take a look at the best readings of the week? Because here you bring them all. Galaxy Engadget Mobile, articles most read, dear and discussed our brothers all together blogs, so you choose what interests you most. Let’s go!

  • In Engadget tell us how was the experience of playing online as female.
  • Bad times for The Pirate Bay, in Engadget reviewed their alternative best 15.
  • It arrives the gag law and changes in the criminal code in Spain, how it affect Internet users? From Engadget.
  • How to get economic advantage to Easter photos? If you want you can take the full potential of your mobile to do so with these tips.
  • Habemus new analysis in Applesfera, new Macbook Pro with the technology is Force Touch.
  • It seems that soon we will have OpenOffice Online, will soon be a reality
  • So it looks in mobile Spartan, the new browser for Windows 10.
  • Blu and Cyanogen, for the Android without Google.
  • Perhaps some day you’ve asked yourself What is the drug most consumed in the world; give the answer us in Engadget science.
  • Sony It has its own technological eyewear, the SmartEyeglass, and will reach the market in April for 800 euros.
  • Surprise? The new Zelda for Wii U won’t come out in 2015.
  • ¿Photojournalists or ‘ dirty tourists? A thin line that defined in Engadget photo.
  • It is said, has,… it is rumored that soon there will be calls for WhatsApp in iOS.
  • What the problem of? Windows Phone? It is not the amount of apps, if not what little they are updated.