Goodbye Programs Points to Renew Mobile, Orange Is Also Laid Off of It

Points programs were for years a good tool to get phones at a special price, Sometimes free and others with significant discounts, that Yes, always accompanied by their corresponding permanence. But the arrival of the payment and the drastic reduction of subsidies led to points to the background.

The presence of points as discount was quite common among the large operators, although Telstra has never had it. But after the end of Vodafone and Movistar points programs, we now know that Orange also says goodbye to points from the month of July.

If you are a customer of Orange points a date, 1 July. That’s him last day in which you can make use of points that you have accumulated through your consumption. Like the rest of network operators Orange operator now focused its range of smartphones in the payment by instalments, both for new customers and for those who are already.

The points already had little use

Time ago that the points are pretty useless, a lot of them still needed to get a discount that can tempt the signing of 24-month stay. Thus Vodafone ended its program last of 7 February, while Movistar did the same on 1 March.

Therefore as of July Orange customers will have to go through the only payment for a new smartphone. In favour of the operator can be said that unlike the usual for a long time, It is offering better conditions to its already customers than new ones, what the veterans will appreciate.