Goodbye Samsung Kies, The Image of The Week

If at any time you had a phone or tablet brand Samsung is likely to name Samsung Kies you sound of something. Kies has been for years the desktop application of Koreans that allowed, among other things, make backup copies of the data contained in a device or update the version of the operating system.

Samsung Kies It was a great help to many users, well because they had to reset your phone and the tool allowed them to easily make a backup, to transfer data between devices or to keep the last shift device. But the arrival of the new Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is the farewell to Kies.

The new flagships of Koreans they will not be compatible with Samsung Kies. Your users will have to resort to another tool, which is not new, Samsung Smart Switch, available for Windows, Mac and Android. Smart Switch offers the same function of backup and transfer between device or upgrade the software of the phone.

Samsung Kies will still be there for users with other smartphones or tablets of the brand, but is to imagine that next phones manufacturer present will also be incompatible with Kies. So it seems this is the farewell to a tool with which many have had to fight, and that is why we devote our image of the week.