Google Activates The Voice Actions for Android in Spanish

Finally we can perform voice actions with our Android devices. When you take more than one year available in English Google has launched an internal update in your application Voice search so these commands can be in Spanish more European languages.

Already we can make calls, send SMS, view maps, routes and sites easily with our voice. To do this you only have to press the icon of the application or to the microphone of the Google search widget or in some mobile phones hold a few seconds the magnifying glass button.

To use this new We need to have Internet connection Since voice recognition is done from the Google servers. Not to be confused the search actions by voice with the Voice dialing, already than the latter if you work offline, you can dictate a number and open applications, although it is still only in English. Then we will see what are the actions that we can perform by voice:

  • Send messages: Send message to [recipient] [message]. Example: send message to Sergio López, tomorrow we are.
  • Call contacts: Call to [name] (and optionally a phone: Mobile, home, work). Example: call Patricia Gómez to mobile
  • Call business: Call [business]. Example: it is called Bella Pizza.
  • Show map in Google Maps: Map of [place]. Example: map of cider in oviedo
  • Directions with Google Maps: How to get to [address]. Example: how to get to the Puerta del Sol.
  • Start route with Navigation: Guide me to [destination]. Example: you guide me to the Holy Family.
  • Visit a website: Go to [website]. Example: go to wikipedia.

For now it seems that Google will have to improve most their system of recognition and actions because to my in most of the time I jump the “ mean … ” by matching what they had said. We hope that Google will not take to improve these details.