H & M and His Trend Last Hour: Men, in White and Black, Much More Men

With the explosion of color that we are living with Versace and his collection for H & M (of which soon we will offer more juicy and news), contrasts quite see as another line of the firm, the more anxious to continue the pace of every day without taking into account the uproar media that Donatella is generating within the low-cost, creates monochromatic capsule collections or in the best of cases, of two unique colors such as white and black and thus, regardless of color, make a more concise study of shapes, patterns and figure.

Black, white, grey … all of them serve to innovate with prints, pockets, texturizaciones, or impossible geometries in the looks and get results different in one of the collections most complete of the moment.

The idea is clear: it dispenses with the tones and is committed to shape, textures and eclectic styles. The suede or velvet are some of the innovations within the collection, as we can see in this jacket’s military court with flaps at shoulders, combined with English point in Pearl Grey and low returned trousers and boots military style with white socks.

The military style It is undoubtedly, as we see, one of the major allies of this season. But H & M wants to go further and decides to experience it with shirts and cardigans that adds plastran in contrast to the bottom pockets to play with forms and symmetries.

The result is a set in multiple layers or dimensions Apart from playing with the contrast of colors and shapes, playing with textures by overlaying point with synthetic fabrics that emulates animal skins and all spiced with a style halfway between the military and the more bohemian chic of the sixties.

The latter is greatly reinforced by the use of plug-ins as the shoulder straps, I have already said that this autumn would hit very hard, The berets, scarves and preferably the bow ties, which in addition to breaking with the sobriety of the tie, always are more infantile and can be contrasted with the seriousness and military masculinity.

Finally, prints are still under study in this type of collections: Wales, pinstriped, tartan or the vichy box box shirts and accessories and outerwear lining, are a few that we can try ourselves to check the result.