High-end giant LG Optimus G Pro Officially: Bigger, Faster, Sharper

LG on it in his noble Smartphone LG Optimus G again a shovel and sets now on full HD, a new 600-quad-core processor Snapdragon and a more powerful battery.

It’s not month, the speech was ever by the launch of LG Optimus G Pro. At first I was surprised why you missed an ugly new plastic back of the new version of the noble LG Optimus G, however it was the device ultimately a special version of the Smartphone, which released the manufacturer together with the Japanese network operator NTT DoCoMo in Japan.

One and a half weeks ago, PhoneArena then brought features and pictures of the “real” Optimus G Pro in the network, which are now confirmed, because today there was the official announcement of the Smartphones from LG. The new flagship of the South Koreans combines all the top features that give the current state of the Smartphone technology so quite.

Starting with the display: LG follows the trend and make the G to almost a whole inch bigger, now the diagonal measures 5.5 instead of 4.7 inch – you would have to speak so of a Smartlet or Phablet. The resolution of the display panel has been ratcheted up by 1,280 x 768 at whopping 1,920 x 1,080 pixels (FullHD) representing a pixel density of 400 ppi. The IPS technique to ensure natural colours and good readability in the field, and at a low energy consumption. Instead of a Snapdragon S4 Pro processor the new Snapdragon 600 quad-core processor is first used, with 1.7 GHz clocking per core. Support is there from a 2 GB large memory.

Picture in picture experience

The internal memory is 32 GB and can be extended via MicroSD up to 64 GB. As the operating system Google Android jelly bean is used; who’s on the latest version 4.2 of the LG Google nexus 4 had hoped must be disappointed there satisfied with 4.1.2. The in-house LG UX surface brings special, new applications on your Smartphone in addition to well-known functions like QuickMemo for notes and the multi window feature QSlide (“2.0”, now with four applications at the same time) for the G Pro. So, you can create horizontal and vertical 360-degree shots (“Panorama VR”) and at the same time with the front – and rear-view camera take pictures, what should provide a “unique picture-in-picture experience”. What the advantages of this gimmicks are accurate in practice, must be seen, I see still no great added value of it.

Speaking of here LG has improved again some cameras, so a sharper resolution 2.1 megapixel front-facing camera is installed in addition to the 13-mega pixel LED flash rear camera now, where both snap can turn full-HD videos. So when the whole technology of juice not too quickly runs out, the manufacturer sent the model a lush 3,140 mAh battery. To other standards the Optimus G provides pro Bluetooth 4.0, USB 2.0, LTE, HSPA +, Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi direct, NFC and a slim port connection for 1. 080p HDMI output, which was 4 used in the nexus.

Almost rimless display

Externally faithful to LG of the G line and boasts as its predecessor with a Crystal pattern – glass back, whose Kristalle reflect light differently depending on the light. In the face of the MicroSD slot taken now although probably distance of unibody, this display is almost edge-to-edge, is just 3 mm thin the edges to the sides. The surround of the home key can light up in six different colors, arrives after the whether just as a call or the device is charged. The weight has risen to 172 grams, what is but acceptable given the size. The depth is 9.4 mm.

The LG Optimus G Pro will appear in the color “Indigo Black” and “White Luna”, the introductory price is €660 in Korea. While the Smartphone is already at MWC in Barcelona next week to see when and at what price it but comes to us, is not yet known. If SmartDroid s source is correct, but we will have to be patient us so at the earliest October – until the fourth quarter -. This was similar to the predecessor, the Optimus G was introduced in August 2012, and still we wait in this country for the launch.

How do you find the Optimus G Pro? You’d also want travel to South Korea, only to you to get the part?