High Heels and Women Runners Are Compatible?

Do you like running? If the answer is Yes, perhaps this post interests you enough.

Every day we are more runners women practitioners of this sport so suffered but that is at the same time so rewarding. There’s nothing like that feeling of well-being that we have after each race. But if you want to keep running for much longer, you should take care of a lot of details that will make that you no injury and that can run your best brands.

The heels, those blessed treasures that make us so attractive, because, to be honest you, do more stylized our figure that a good pair of heels? Don’t worry, you can use them, but limiting the time that take them jobs if what we are talking about are heels over 5 centimeters. If you have a party, celebration, etc, remember to take some medium heel shoes or low and change your prom or once you have already spoken with the guests.

The ideal would be to use heel shoes low, about 5 centimeters. The explanation is very clear: to step on with your high heel shoes, the twins are “cramped” which are loaded and atrophy, muscle shortening. This can give rise to a loss of flexibility of your twin, and therefore to a greater likelihood of having muscle spasms.

On the other hand, to the heel -wearing your body posture is not natural, what a burden extra for your back, since you need to bow to keep the weight of your body. But not only that, the knees bear the weight of your body. And wear heels all day posts ago that is superposed the knees, with an important internal wear. If we add to that that the running is an activity of a strong impact for your knees, avoid crushing them more out of your exercise time. And, of course, runs whenever you can by dirt roads, much better than the hard and firm asphalt.

And, you know, running has been said!