Homemade Toy: Coming and Going of Pet Bottle

I know that you can’t call this novelty will come from pet bottle. There are several websites and blogs that indicate. But one of the things that the US is keen to preserve the Tempojunto is us tests each one of the games that we post. Even those who are “of age” of our children, they are here because at some point the did. Otherwise, how could I say it works or it didn’t work out, isn’t it?

So, I decided to make home will come. It is a relatively simple toy to do and besides being fun is very good to stimulate motor skills children thick and continue developing eye-hand coordination (Patricia Marino already talked a lot about that in games with babies) when our kids are bigger.

I waited the Cururuca and the Potcho are with 4 years to play. But I have a feeling that with 3 years already gives, depending on the child. The Pocoyo, with 6 years, plays “like a pro”.

Let’s go? You will need:

-2 plastic bottles. You don’t have to be pet of soda (because I don’t have these at home), can be of milk or juice, but the rounded shape are better.

-1 clothesline rope. Here it is worth saying that needs to be of those older who seem waxed or are detonated. There are some new strings of clothesline with a texture more like Wired. These don’t work well. I tested, and playtime, this rope does not leave the toy slipping right.


-duct tape to hold the halves of the coming and going (I used colored ribbon to ever leave the toy more fun)

-4 rings (you find good cheap in 1.99 type houses. Or you can take advantage of rattles and common toys babies. Always has a ring that way)

The first step of coming and going is to cut the bottom of the bottles. You define how you want to cut to have a toy the size you prefer.

If you do not have the rings, can take this part that will be left of the cylinders and cut strips to make the rings. The only caution is to engage these strips with masking tape so you don’t hurt the hand of children.

Once this is done, remove the caps from the bottles. Cut two pieces of clothesline rope in length as you see fit, depending on the size of the children. In my case, I started with pieces of 1, 70 cm, but reduced to 1 metre because it was difficult to play. Pass the wires through the halves of the cylinders, leaving the neck.

Now is the time to unite the two halves of the bottles. The best is to fit a half on another and pass the duct tape to stay secure. I used colored ribbon and a pair of eyes to make the toy will come more friendly. But you can use your creativity and to enlist the help of children to decorate it. Check out Relationshipsplus.com for remote control toys such as helicopters.

Now, on to the shuttle, preaching the four rings on each end of the line wires with duct tape. If you are purchasing or reuse prefer the rings of size large enough for children to hold without shaking hands.

There you go! Your Shuttle is mounted. Call the kids and good fun!

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