HP Topal in August and Three Million of Touchpad’s before End of Year

Waiting for since August we can see HP Touchpad by Spain, put us long teeth with forecasts of coming-out on the market of the tablet of brand and logo with the safest ever arrival of the 7-inch tablet that leaked in its day, the HP opal.

Inventec you will be responsible for dispensing with more of 400,000 units per month from Touchpad ’ s at HP, so that we can see the shops (sold or not) about three million tablets with WebOS 3.0 between now and Christmas.

Will also be in August when the Opal HP reaches stores (final confirmed features and free photos yet), but seeing that we are not the market preferred to land these new HP products, it is likely that we have to wait until the date rumoured from the beginning, back in the month of September.

In addition, the arrival of WebOS 3.0 It is more ambitious and reaches up to laptops that should arrive by end of year. In short, it is a bet the Apple style, with a proprietary system, few devices that use it but with optimized performance to the limit and similar prices.