HTC One M8 Eye: Alleged Press Picture Gel Act

Old design, sharper vision: An alleged press image announces the HTC one M8 eye, a new model of the flagship with improved camera. Rather than take photos of the eye photos 13 megapixel resolution with 4 mega pixels and also has a sensor for depth of field–otherwise everything will remain.

Ultra pixels seems to be thing of the past: A press picture unearthed on Weibo indicates that the Taiwanese company will bring out a new version of its top model that does not require the previous camera technology. Instead of ultra pixel with 4-MP resolution, the HTC one M8 eye with a 13-megapixel duo camera comes along, probably the same as it is to find Butterfly 2 in the HTC: A second sensor picks up depth information to represent the non-focused area blurred. The other hardware remains unchanged: Snapdragon 801 processor, 1080 p display and Android 4.4.4 with HTC’s typical sense-6 surface.

The HTC One M8 Eye Is Reserved Apparently China And India

Still nothing is confirmed yet Leaker @upleaks on Twitter before the published press photo, what thing is and has the first details of the facilities as well as which out trumpet availability to the new model already knew: “the M8_EYE is the HTC one (M8) with 13 MP DuoKamera. It supports no NFC. Silver/grey. India/China (mainland only) only “.” It seems that the HTC one M8 eye so for the time being not in Western regions will be available.