IC Vintage: Elvira Bonn and Murilo Albuquerque

How about starting the year with time travel? The target: the sweetheart’s wedding the brides, Elvira Bonn, owner of the recipe of one of the most famous bem-casados of Rio de Janeiro

São Luiz of Maranhão, 24 July 1971. At 10:00 in the morning, Elvira, to 20 years, came to the Church Saint Vincent de Paula-where the administrator Murilo Albuquerque, with 24, was waiting for her. Many do not know, but she’s not and was in Maranhão, your homeland, she met her husband. The families of the two were friends and were always together. But until you reach the altar this story had many comings and goings.

At the age of 16 years, Murilo moved to Piracicaba, in the State of São Paulo, to study. Meanwhile, Elvira came to live with his family in Rio de Janeiro. The reunion happened only when the student on vacation in wonderful town, but the age difference (she to 13 and he to 18) mined any possibility of dating.

It was only when they returned to live in São Luiz, years later, they began dating. The proposal was the traditional way: father, Murilo was to Elvira the girl to marry him. A year later, we returned to the scene described in the first paragraph.

The reception followed at the ceremony of the Church itself where the bride and groom made the toast and cut the wedding cake. In the House of the groom’s parents, received the guests lunch closer, while Elvira and Murilo already were preparing to board a flight to the Moon in Recife, Salvador, Fortaleza and Rio de Janeiro.


“There was no ceremonial and Decorator houses only even,” Elvira. As she told us, all wedding items were made in house, so well crafted and the whole family was involved in the preparations. “The only person I hired was the makeup artist Aldo Milk, which since that time was an excellent professional,” he says.

The professionalism was left in cart. She remembers that Mike Lima, a friend of the family that was closely linked to the culture and social life of the city, helped with all the arrangements.


In terms of dress, Elvira didn’t have difficulties. His mother, Judith Bona dos Santos, was a good seamstress and darling of the brides. “I was the maid of honor. As my mother used to make dresses, always invited me to the wedding “.

And this tradition continues … 50 years later, she was bridesmaid again, on the golden anniversary of Jane and Antônio José Fonseca-the daughter of the then best quituteira in town, Hilda Diniz (she was responsible for awakening in Elvira the passion for cooking). The idea was to join the same people who attended the wedding with retro lipsticks.

As is the case today, she went to get inspirations. The difference is that at that time, once chosen, the model was reproduced faithfully for a seamstress. In the case of Elvira, your mother. All made in organza and Sable, the dress had a Turtleneck, long sleeve and follow the latest fashion trends (influenced by the hippie movement, which thrives in the Decade of 70).


Well-not married were common at the time, remember Elvira, but the sweets of eggs on the side of the cake were required in any marriage in the city. Showing your talent for cooking, she made along with the traditional regional sweet sister.

In addition to this, other typical delights filled the table: lips of mulatto, Cinderella and the famous eye of mother-in-law, which in São Luiz wins a up grade and, in addition, also leads Brazil nuts.


  • At the time, the entry was different. The father accompanied the bride to the church door, where her fiance was waiting for her. The two entered together at the ceremony, just after the priest and flower girls. Then came the parents
  • Murilo got Pinkeye near the wedding. Not to postpone the date and dribble the photophobia, he had to marry sunglasses
  • It wasn’t unusual, at least in São Luiz, the bride and groom Kiss at the end of the ceremony. The common was that they embraced, but Elvira and Murilo broke tradition and opted for a modern marriage
  • “Today the couple are more participatory and know what they want. Is no longer a domain of parents arranging the marriage, “says Elvira. Words whose lives in this universe daily. The maturity and awareness in relation to the budget is another point that Baker stands out as a major change. “There was a time when I saw parents divest assets to perform the marriage of their children. Nowadays I see engaged much more aware and even taking the front of expenses “, reveals.
  • Not only in the budget there was the reception profile transformations is also different. “Before the marriage was not a party, as it is today, but a religious formality”, concludes. Change that she and her husband, superanimados, adopt without blinking. “I still get married during the day, but late in the afternoon and in a open place, surrounded by a lot of nature. Do something lively, with lots of music – it had in my-because we are much sunnier. I think it’s a great thing to see how today the newlyweds take advantage of the party and must be anyway. “
  • There are 45 years together, with two daughters and a grandson very much loved, it is impossible not to want to know what is the secret of success of the marriage. With smile on his face, Elvira gave the same answer I give the bride and groom who visit your store:
  • “The secret of the marriage, as well as a well-married, is that the candy has to be always on point. Cannot too, no candy in the Hamptons. You have to be always attentive to the recipe and be ready to rework it. There are many challenges and difficult phases, but as long as there is sweetness, always worth it start all over again. “