If You Have Sent an SMS in the Wrong Direction, You Can Undo with TigerText App [Tip]

If the dictionary teases, or you accidentally sent the text message too quickly, so can TigerText app might be something for you.

If you like me are quick on the smartphone-keys, so you have probably also tried, sending an sms in the wrong direction more than once. It should also be odd, if not you, by mistake, have hit the submit button too early a few times, and subsequently have to complement with the rest of the content.

After all, it would be great if you could pull the text message back, before the receiver got the read. That is why it is good that our site has run into an app that perhaps can help Android users to solve the task.

Android system, like other mobile platforms, no integrated features. who can pull a sent sms back.Therefore, one must obtain an alternative app, which instead can solve the task.

“Secure Messenger TigerText App” can be downloaded for free from Google Play Big here. It is an alternative messenger app, from which you can send common sms to your contacts. The recipient need not have the app installed, but just want to receive your messages as before.

As can be seen in the video above, then acting TigerText on security. The app was developed for the American occupation, and offers a kind of “Snap chat” mode, where messages are deleted a period after the reading.

But the app also allows you to delete sent messages if you mind, when it before the recipient has read it.It’s done reportedly by holding your finger on the sent message down, and then select “Recall” (recall).

Am I the only one who sometimes get sent indistinct and half-baked messages to friends and family, or is there more that can recognize this? Write into the message completely about? Or send in an additional SMS off afterwards, who hopefully can bring clarity to the message?