In Android, OnePlus Recipes and Prices, Trolls, or Windows 10 in China and More. Galaxy Engadget Mobile

We started the spring with a time scrambled – at least in the capital of Spain – but that doesn’t mean that you encourage to review some of the outstanding issues that we have covered over the last seven days. You know: what better way to start Sunday that take a good breakfast quietly and peacefully enjoying, is clear, our Galaxy Engadget Mobile.

  • Although it seems that it will be a timely theme, one of the news of the week Windows Phone and Xiaomi have staged it. It is that as we had on Engadget Mobile Windows 10 reach the Mi4 from this manufacturer in the form of custom ROM, something that is once again demonstrating those winks that when Microsoft makes the platform developed by Google.
  • Sundays we tend to have more free time that the rest of the week, so it is a good opportunity to cook us something rich, rich, and with the Foundation. In Sony space tell us about the 16 best applications of recipes cooking for Android, so it seems that catalogue of dishes will not miss you.
  • In OnePlus have given us one of lime and sand: the parity Exchange euro dollar that we talked about in detail in Engadget has led this company decide to raise prices of its OnePlus One. They will do so starting from next March 25, so you still have an opportunity to take advantage of current prices on Tuesday where open sales without an invitation. On the other hand our colleagues from Engadget Android We reported the company seems to be that it will jump in consoles: soon will come from this manufacturer.
  • One of the issues players this week has been the announcement of Microsoft that we They spoke in Engadget, and will that the free updates to Windows 10 can be made also from non-genuine systems, something with which to counter piracy in China. Beware, because then they have also clarified in Microsoft, there will be no official support for those systems, they were little then Engadget Windows.
  • Great song of the week in Quiviger: a dissection of the phenomenon troll which us speaks of the best-known Internet sociopaths. From the curious origin of the word – which had little to do with what it means today – the types of trolls and how deal (or rather not face) them.
  • Nintendo has given much to talk about this week, and we spoke of this in Kotaku, where for example we had as there is a new console, the NX, on road, but especially analysed the future of a company that seems that gradually acknowledged that the segment of mobile devices should be very important for their future.

That’s all for this week. Take care and enjoy the rest of the Sunday!