IOS 8 Get More Apps from Mac-See Which Ones Here

Latest rumors suggest that Apple is not surprising sticks to “iOS 7-look” in future update, however, get new apps.

Since Apple released iOS in 2012 6, it was impossible for Mr and Mrs Denmark, to tell the difference from the then version iOS 5. In general there has not previously been the major udseendetsmæssige changes since the iPhone was introduced in 2007.Apple, on the other hand, has focused on improving the user experience, and iOS 6 is also known in the Apple universe as the most stable version to date.
A little different went it, since Apple unveiled iOS 7 in september last year. Here there was instead focused on the visuals, which for many had a price on the user experience, which was not as “snappy” (fast) as in the past. 

Despite frustrations about this, so should Apple nevertheless to be commended for finally to shake “interface-bag”, and the newly released iOS 7.1 update has also brought the lack of quickness back to iOS devices.
This summer’s Developer Conference at Apple, offers probably the developers welcome to iOS 8, there is Apple device next big update. So far, the sources, who reportedly is informed about Apple’s plans, said that Apple’s own map data must be improved.

This time there are rumors on the built-in apps that come with the update. It’s leaked photos of 3 new apps that get the rumor mill launched again. The new apps are TextEdit, Preview and Tips. It writes our site.

Fake pictures but the idea is good enough

The pictures seem inauthentic, though 9To5Mac claims that multiple sources have confirmed their legitimacy. 2 of the icons does not follow the flat look in iOS 7, but fits closer to the apps that would find it well to the right in the old iOS 6. Therefore, these apps can still be on the way, and this is in my opinion the reason therefor:

Apple has already ported their whole iWork and iLife application packages over to iOS. The operating system lacks a proper PDF reader integrated, since users at the time of writing on take care to thank with iBooks App in the App Store, or by finding an alternative. The leaked “Preview” app, which in Danish called “image viewer” is also already on the Mac, and it would therefore be nearby if it also came in a iOS version.

TextEdit app is also to be found on Apple’s Mac computers. It is a limited word processing software, so I wonder if Apple chop on to pair it with Notes, to finally give some competition to the superior notes-apps such as Evernote or similar.

The latter Tips app is pure speculation. We assume, of course, that it is an app that can help new iOS users to orientate in the system. Unlike the 2 aforementioned, so is the app icon for Tips flat and fits right into the user interface.

We must, however, for a good order sake to remind you that this is only rumors at the time of writing, and a lot can happen before Apple goes on stage for the annual WWDC (World Wide Developer Conference).

We have already some want from Mobile page’s iOS readers for iOS 8?