IOS 8: Now to Be Apple’s Maligned Card Improved

The criticism has since iOS 6 haglet down on Apple’s own “Map”-app, but now suggests that it must be improved with iOS 8.

Since Apple launched the iOS 6 in 2012, they had replaced the Google Maps app with their own Map-app. Apple’s own entry featured better-looking and more well-arranged map material, as well as turn-by-turn navigation, which at the time sounded to be the reason for the shift, since Google reportedly would not allow iOS users get access to it.

We have previously written that Apple Maps are more data-efficient than Google Maps. Apple had made their new “Maps” app is vector-based, which for user contributed less data usage and thus an enormous floating user experience. Android users have had vectorbaseret map material since Google Maps 5.0 was clear back in 2010 on the competing platform.

Now to Apple Maps improved

According to 9To5Mac, as reported by sources that Apple now will finally improve their Apple Maps, and thereby follow through on an earlier promise of improvement. Since Apple introduced the developers of iOS 7 in the summer of last year, had the appearance got themselves a massive boost, and as we have described in this review Apple iOS 7-When a new start bodes well.

That is why also not significantly udseendetsmæssige changes are expected, and nor are not on the map, but rather improvements on data’en behind. According to the sources, so will iOS 8 Finally bid on public transport as part of the integrated app. This feature has, as most of you know, of course, long been available on the search giant remains undisturbed Google Maps.

At the time of writing may be Apple’s own maps do not even tell the user which bus running from A to b. However, the entered route in fairness with a click, taken over in another app which “Itinerary”, where information becomes available.

The tradition then Apple probably ready to unveil iOS 8 at the annual developers ‘ Conference (WWDC), so the developers have plenty of time to optimize their apps until public launch later this year.

What the map app uses the Mobile page’s iPhone-readers? Apple’s own or Google Maps?