iPhone 5 C Maybe Ready in Less Expensive 8 GB Version Later This Week

Rumor: it is reported that Apple will launch a cheaper iPhone 5 c with 8 GB memory, to save the sale.

Since Apple launched the iPhone 5 c in parallel with their popular top 5S, it has been clear to everyone that the plastic version does not have be able to boast of the same coveted status.

The trend has been the same in Denmark, and we have also previously told that Apple halves the production of iPhone 5 c. It suggests, however, that the effort will stop here. Now go there for rumors that Apple will launch iPhone 5 c with 8 GB of internal memory for a cheaper price. It writes Apple Insider.

It is apparently a mail from the German telecommunications company o2, which reveal a price 509 euro for the device which corresponds to the button 3800 DKK Today goes for a 16 GB iPhone 5 c for 4599 USD on Apple’s website.

Follow the history but before time

Since Apple introduced the iPhone 5 c and iPhone 5S, it was a surprising and finally adieu to the then iPhone 5. Instead, it is iPhone 4S that today are sold with 8 GB of internal memory. Since the iPhone 5 was presented in autumn 2012, was it the same way the iPhone 4, which was demoted to 8 GB.

When a future iPhone 6 is probably ready for autumn, Apple has no model that could demote with 8 GB memory, since the iPhone 4S at that time will be 3 years old. It would therefore be nearby if Apple chose to sell their iPhone 5 c as the 8 GB version.

Moreover, it would mean that the whole Apple’s lineup of mobiles houses the same lightning Jack for charging and a 4 “large Retina screen. An aggressive price tag would probably also be able to lure more customers from competing platforms for iOS.

So far there are no confirmed information from Apple, but the mobile site follows, of course, the case.