JBL J46BT Review-In-Ear Headphones for the Active [Product Testing]

JBL pushes all their know-how in some wireless in-ear headphones that caters specially to the active clients.

American JBL is globally known as lydspecialister, and has over the years launched a sea of speakers on your own or in special cooperation with other companies. This time has our site been allowed to test the so-called “JBL J46BT”, there is bluetooth-compatible in-ear headphones from the company.

First of all, I must point out the difficulty in making a review of accessories for your ears. There is usually a group who swear to these in-ear models. The remaining prefer instead the more loose-fitting, so don’t get the head sound like a zombie when you slendrer down the street and the music does not play.

Award-winning design

Although that JBL is known for their skills on the sound, is also the design implemented on their J46BT headphones. The materials used are exclusively plastic and rubber, which makes the headphones especially useful for running the trip, and we must, of course, dwell on.

The actual headphones, which also contains the technique, are connected by a flat rubber cord. This is intended to be behind your neck when you’re wearing nylon suit with sweat on his forehead.

At the wire, there is located a remote control, which you can easily screw up/down the volume and answer/reject calls. The buttons are clear, and is with rubber-coating again addressed to the sweating people in races can quickly interact with the music in the air.

On the right headphone’s battery terminals located. So it is here that, by using the supplied charging cable, charger J46BT headphones, so that again is up to 5 hours of wireless playback available.

It takes place at a tailor-made clips which mounts on your headphones, and which therefore can be coupled with power via USB on the other end. A small red led will light when you plug J46BT to power, so that you know if the charger is really fitted.

JBL J46BT weigh only 15 grams and comes in colors black/orange, white/orange and blue/black.

You are not impressed by the design of JBL’s headphones, then there are others who do not see it that way. J46BT headphones won for “CES Design & Innovation Award” at this year’s CES tradeshow in Las Vegas.

Tendency to fall out

As pointed out so is the design of the headphones a personal matter of taste. I’m experiencing, however, JBL J46BT have an annoying tendency to fall out, even when I go quietly down the street.

In the package have JBL attached rubber Stoppers in three different sizes, so there is therefore room for personalization. In addition, each of the headphones equipped with an orange rubber flap to help keep them in place.

Yet it happens so that I may correct to repeatedly, and ran with J46BT has therefore been ruled out of the test period.

I would therefore urge you to see JBL J46BT lead in a shop before the acquisition, since the fit on the earphones is essential in everyday use.


4 liter Bluetooth machine connects to fast on

JBL has equipped J46BT with Bluetooth 4.0 standard, and the Setup is “just to the right leg”. When you hold the on/off button to turn on your headset, you continue until the little indicator flashes red and blue alternately.

Then open the bluetooth on your phone or computer, and have quickly connected the 2 sides, so that the music can be sent through the air without problems.

Lydindstillet for sport

The sound quality of JBL J46BT meets the familiar name, and are also preset for sports use, so that a noticeable bass can help with motivation when your legs feel heavy on the road.

Bass’en can even have a tendency to steal the picture, which for some music genres may interfere.However, it is not surprising when J46BT just caters to the active life, there is no need for Bach or Beethoven, to keep the motivation up.

So are you an active person with a penchant for pop, dance, techno and club music, then I’ll believe that JBL J46BT will fall well to the right in your collection of equipment for running the tour.

JBL J46BT-design the Pearl for “sports people”

JBL has with soft shapes and materials affected spot on those customers who miss wireless audio to run some form of physical activity.

The sound is aggressive and with a full-bodied bass, with warranty enough to keep rhythm, when David Guetta and Morten Breum forming part of the play list on the run.

However, experiencing personally that JBL J46BT tends to break away from the ears, despite the provided customization options as JBL have enclosed in the Pocket together with leaves and extra, orange øreflapper.

InsuranceJust success greatly reminiscent of personal preferences and experiences, it is nothing like on the way is reflected in the final assessment. Again, I would recommend that you see an J46BT before purchase so you don’t render in the same problems as me.

Indicative price on JBL J46BT sounds at 799 kr.