Jogpants As A Cool City Outfit

If an outfit looks cool and still kind of damn comfortable is, this is a classic win-win situation!Speaking just between us: In principle I’m wearing nothing more than a jogging suit,… disguised as city outfit here.

How did the jogging suit – or the combination of pants and Sweatshirt – do that? First, it means no longer sweatpants, but Jogpants. This is not simply a new name but also a new and more modern cut. The Jogpants has cool details and a narrow tapered cut.

In addition the special cut of the Jogpants details make such as the washing of jeans (also feels like denim) and the biker quilting at the knees from the look of his pants. So you can really no longer say that home is a jogging pants for the sport or for the rum music – the unit must be on the road!

The super comfortable pullover is waiting with some cool little things make him special. The material is great! I would describe it as a super soft blend of knit and sweat – feels great and feels great. The coolest but I find two details: the collar on the hood and the contrast inserts on shoulders. This makes a really hip street-wear section from a simple, gray hooded sweater.

In combination with my long-fit bomber jacket made of very light material, that is a really cool look. Since there are so casual clothes, I very consciously times no sneaker dont, but boat – so contrast with the Jogpants.

As always so: Shoes and accessories (rather also a hat as a baseball cap) contribute incredibly strongly to the complete impression of outfits, even though they should only support a look. I think they not only support, but create a look – make him complete.

For this outfit, I would stress again that it is a true plus size outfit. The clothes are all of a pure plus size shop. This again shows me that gone are the days where we had to look thick guys forever for halfway decent clothes – now there’s also really cool, current stuff in our size!