Las Mejores Aplicaciones Android Back to School: Notebooks of Notes

In this chapter of our special back to school the hand of Android turn to one of the Tools most versatile and necessary to not leave anything in the air, notes books, so few in any situation.

I’ve put special focus on those applications which, in addition to Note text with greater or lesser complexity, they use the cloud to be always accessible or synchronized and so we can rescue this text has illuminated our minds while we were in transit and develop it comfortably with the keyboard and screen of our computer, so I have filtered them to only choose applications that also have web version or desktop application. Therefore, all chosen applications are free.

EverNote and Springpad, taking notes with much order

We started with 2 applications that many already know and are an all-terrain of annotations: EverNote y Springpad. Although both are used for many functions, thanks to its versatility and its ability to continue working with them from the computer they deserve their spot in this special.

EverNote It is one of my favorite apps and I hope that from now on it is also for you. You can use it in a simple way to write any kind of note, also for recording voice notes or store photos, if they contain text can be recognized by the OCR of the EverNote servers for future searches.

You will need to create a user account that it may be free or pay. The disadvantage of the free user is that if your mobile phone or tablet do not have access to the Internet you will not see any note. On the other hand payment users can mark the favorite notes that will be available offline. Everything you write down will be saved in the cloud their servers, so then from a computer you can access these annotations, besides that everything always will be synchronized between all devices of the same user.

You have of 4 possibilities different to enjoy from EverNote: from an Android mobile, from a tablet with Honeycomb (with a recent version almost identical to the desktop version), from the application of desktop (Mac or Windows) or from the Web application. Both the mobile and the tablet will have of the Desktop Widget to quickly take any annotation. You can also generate shortcuts on your mobile phone or tablet with notes or books that you use most.

In the Web browser of your computer you can install a plugin to quickly access any of their chances. A detail of the last update of EverNote and it cleared of nearly all existing applications to create text that allows to write rich text, both mobile devices and computer versions.

More information and download | EverNote (free) Android market

Springpad is EverNote after creation and that is why it is called the Vitaminized EverNote, so you can see that it has learned from the shortcomings of this to improve other functions. You will also need one user account but all its possibilities are free, so the notes you make from your mobile or tablet can refer to them without the need for Internet connection. In contrast to the computer There is only the version of the Web browser and it lacks the power of process, search and OCR that if EverNote has.

In favor I will say that Springpad has of different templates to write down things and each one has a different function that will make you tasks complementary to annotate text. Also available from Desktop Widget and plugin for the computer’s Web browser, however none of the platforms you can write with rich text.

More information and download | Springpad Android Market (free)

Flick Note and Epistle, scoring quickly without complications

It’s the turn of these 2 applications that I use on a daily basis to different annotations: Flick Note y Epistle. Both are free and each one has its system of synchronization in the cloud. They are very easy to handle and are presented as an alternative for those that you may need an application of this style, but you don’t want complexity or the need for so many features of EverNote or Springpad.

Flick Note is an application that does not require learning initial since it behaves as the typical notes blog of your computer. To be able to synchronize notes in the cloud you will need to create an account with the service of Simplenote, which equally is free. Then on your computer can consult the notes through the Simplenote web application or search for any third-party application that uses the synchronization service from this company, as well as the implementation of Android. Flick Note in fact is one of the many options available for Android, but I feel that it is the best finish.

Details of this application is that will recognize URLs and in addition you can filter the notes by tags for a better management. The Android application also has of a history to be able to undo changes made on the fly. If you are looking for simplicity and already have a Simplenote account this will certainly be a good choice. There are 2 versions, but the free one is fully functional except that it will add a small banner advertising and that of payment will enable you the desktop widget.

More information and download | Flick Note in Android Market (free / € 3,67)

Epistle It is another notebook without complexes, easy to use and master. In this case recourse to the synchronization with Dropbox to store and consult notes. Who does not have an account with this service? Thus always be able to access your notes from Dropbox, which has Android application and resident program for Windows and OSX, so you can access to the Epistle folder your computer to create and edit notes.

But lacks the ability to add tags to notes for a possible filtering, but has a search text box that it solved many problems. One thing very is that if you are familiar with the code Markdown You can use it for highlight text or create playlists. Thanks to this possibility you will see the formatted text in your mobile, tablet or computer application, which makes it the ideal application if you are a regular of this type of writing.

More information and download | Epistle in Android Market (free)

Wunderlist and Taskos, annotate, and complete

The turn comes to applications Wunderlist y Taskos, What are 2 apps that are halfway between the 2 groups of older applications, since they serve to annotate text but also to use this as one task list, more than necessary function in your day to day of the back to school. Both applications are also free and with a good finish graphic to do pleasant use.

Wunderlist It is an application for taking notes that I was convinced from the outset that actually aimed create to-do lists organized. The mobile application, both the tablet, like the Web version of the computer, such as the desktop application have a very nice graphical interface that will catch you soon you start to use it. For synchronize and store notes in the cloud you have your own server, so you will need create a user account to enjoy its services, but don’t worry because it is free. It is curious that all applications and services on Wunderlist are free and without any advertising.

How good Task Manager that prepares you can set due dates, reminders, priorities and favorite annotations for total control of everything stores in Wunderlist. You can share lists with your contacts thanks to the publication of the service’s * Cloud App. An interesting additive is that you can add tasks by sending them from email. For easy access, you can add the Desktop Widget. If you are looking for an application with an excellent graphic finishing Wunderlist will no doubt satisfy your appetite.

More information and download | Wunderlist in Android Market (free)

Taskos the other proposal is to create lists of tasks or notes easily. In this case you will use Google Tasks for store and synchronize information, so if you already have a Gmail account you won’t have to do anything else. We also have an application with a good GUI, although not of the level of Wunderlist. It’s very minimalist but with essential to visually highlight details.

You can create playlists using the voice or writing. Lists can contain annotations and also date of expiration and reminders. To be able to categorize them better you can establish priorities and categories. If you need it You can share them with other users of Google Task. As a curiosity you can set the application to delete completed tasks when you swirl the mobile. To modify these lists from the computer simply access to your Google Calendar account. If you need it you can add the Desktop Widget to quickly check the pending tasks. Unfortunately does not yet exist for tablet version. By its simplicity and interface are perfect for those users who often use Google Calendar.