Las Mejores Aplicaciones Android Back to School: Scientific Calculators

A new installment of our special back to school at the hands of Android, bring another fundamental tool for students: the scientific calculators. Why load with a billet scientific calculator (or even to buy it), if our Android already has an incredibly more powerful processor?

Combined with a touch interface that is able to display any buttons and a graphical display, the possibilities are endless. We present several calculators, all with a special touch, so you choose which you like, from the most basic to the most complex, passing by each other that even they solve equations alone. In addition, I have tried all to work also as a Honeycomb Tablet… and they are free.



We started rescuing MemCalc, a calculator here recently. The defining feature of MemCalc is the ability to store the results of the calculations in three memory slots, for use in future operations. To use these memory boxes only you need to drag to them the intermediate results of calculations.

Powers you have scientific basic operations, such as trigonometric, logarithmic, and exponential, enough if you don’t need to overly complex calculations.

Download | MemCalc Android market


We continue with another well known old, Real Calc, which we talked about in their day. It is a standard scientific calculator, with an interface very similar to the classic of the Casio (four hundred models and all did the same …). And as we said, it also works on Honeycomb, albeit in a crude manner.

In addition to all the functions of these so well-known calculators, has a unit converter, Reverse Polish notation, and is very, but very little on disk.

Download | RealCalc in Android Market

Handy Calc

HandyCalc It is another scientific calculator loaded with surprises. Works on vertical and landscape mode, and great scale in tablets. A keypad is displayed in portrait mode, and dragging change one alphabetical. In landscape view, we see both keyboards simultaneously.

In addition to the usual scientific functions, HandyCalc is able to solve equations, like the people you see in the image. To help you manage it, includes a tutorial with several examples that will serve to meet the large number of operations you can perform with this particular calculator.

Download | HandyCalc in Android Market

Cube Calculator

Cube Calculator is an intermediate option, combining a range of scientific functions with a dark and customizable interface. Like HandyCalc, has two keyboards, only that there is one with basic operations and the other with women scientists. This allows to maintain large and comfortable buttons without renouncing to functionalities.

That Yes, if you have to be combining scientific operations and numbers, you happen to be moving from one keyboard to another all the time and becomes annoying. It has two boxes of memory shown on-screen, so don’t forget that saved them. Another detail which have no others are the operations of time calculation.

Download | Cube Calculator in Android Market


We closed with what is almost an emulator, Droid48. It is of a version of the famous HP48G, one of most complete scientific calculators never marketed. That Yes, its full of buttons and options interface can scare the uninitiated.

Droid48 is a real Marvel, works both vertical and landscape, and scale to perfection in Honeycomb. If you want more than most scientific calculators, Droid48 is the option you were looking for. In addition, it is faster than the own HP48G, as commented we Irondragon…