Launches, Anniversaries and Much More: Galaxy Engadget Mobile

Comes a new Sunday, and you know what? Here is our new Galaxy Engadget Mobile. The best readings of a week in which we have seen major releases (Xiaomi Mi4i, Apple Watch) and some other anniversary:

  • Becomes the Xiaomi Mi4i, What’s new in the Chinese manufacturer that wants to put the best specifications in the midrange at an aggressive price. From Engadget Android.
  • 2005-2015: YouTube celebrates 10 years and the most-viewed videos reviewed them in Quiviger.
  • Because touch-ups in photography they are not always necessary, pictured Engadget give us 7 tricks to get the best ‘natural’ photos. Goodbye to Photoshop.
  • On the asexuality in society, how many asexual is there in the world? Engadget science.
  • The eruption of the Calbuco volcano, in Chile, it has been spectacular. Everyone has a camera in our pocket and all these images and videos are the result.
  • Apple fires at the foot on the eve of the launch of the Apple Watch by removing apps related to Pebble. A good move or something completely wrong?
  • Steam want to open a new market: the mods of Workshop, explain it on Kotaku.
  • In Engadget compared Hi-Fi Earphones, a total of seven for less than 200 euros.
  • If you have an Android, eye if you see any of those 13 messages on your smartphone.
  • For all, is Ubuntu and already has 25 million users. And they will be more.
  • Windows 10 It has a new beta, build 10061 which reviewed on Engadget Windows.
  • New analysis Engadget pictured, it is up to the Nikon D750.
  • It arrives Lightroom 6, the new Adobe software for photography lovers. And in Applesfera they analyze in depth.