Led Cree Diving Professional LED Bigblue AL 250 Lumens 60 Meters 2 AA Batteries

The Big Flash brings the compact, versatile and powerful Bigblue AL 250 , suitable for Professional Diving, Sub Fishing acts as a secondary flashlight and even primary depending on the occasion, it works with two rechargeable AA or Alkaline type AA batteries, has excellent sealing and 1 mode of Light, triggered automatically by underwater pressure.Concentrated focus of 250 lumens illumination with powerful LED CREE XPG.Overheating, Overload and Reverse Battery Protection Systems.Be amazed by the quality and impeccable finish of the well-known Big Blue brand, a world reference in diving and underwater fishing.

ANSI Illumination Level: Single mode of 250 Lumens with pressure triggering.
Battery Life: 3.6 hours with moderate use

Range Range Range: 90 meters Dense beam of light – Concentration Focus of 8 degrees aperture.

Maximum Intensity: 24025cd

Impact resistance: 1.0 meters

Waterproof: International Standard IPX8 – Tested in depth of 100 meters

Materials Body: 6N01 military anodized aluminum alloy type III alloy, anti-abrasive finish

Working Voltage: 2.75 to 4.2 Volts

Battery: Uses 2 AA-size Batteries Included

Size: Φ 28.0mm (Head diameter) x 150.0 mm (length)

Net Weight Out Of Water: 135g (batteries included)

++ Features:

Prepared to withstand extreme pressure situations.

Patented design for excellent underwater heat dissipation.

Spring and gold plated circuits to prevent oxidation or poor contact.

Aluminum 6N01 Premium Plus Type III hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish, which makes BigBlue lanterns anti-corrosion.

Important tips:

■ It is recommended to clean the BigBlue switch regularly after a period of time, preventing mud or sand from settling.

■ Make sure that the batteries are fully charged, and the AL 250 sealing rings (rubbery) are in good condition before diving.

■ Due to different battery characteristics, the light output and run time may vary depending on the Used Battery.

■ If the AL 250 flashlight is not used for a long time, remove the battery to increase battery life.
(All information in this description is provided by the Manufacturer and is also good practice recommended by LIGHTINGHOWTO.COM)
Full Package Includes:

* 1 Compact Big Blue AL 250 Focus Light Bulb

* 1 Bigblue Warranty Certificate valid for 1 year – against manufacturing defects.

* 2 Batteries 2 AA Panasonic Alkaline

* 1 Safety Diving Strap

* 2 Rubber O-rings – Spares

* 1 Multi Language User’s Manual